Your home's worst nightmare...

Winter is around the corner and along with it, it's your home's worst nightmare... ICE DAMS!!

Ice dams only occurs during the winter season and mainly on slope roofs. Accumulated snow melts and runs down to the end of the roof under the insulated blanket of snow. The freezing temperature causes the melted water to ice-up in the eaves creating an ice dam. The more the snow melts, the more water will be backed up and not drain. This could result in larger ice dams.

There are two reasons why ice dams occur, One could be not having enough insulation in the attic. Two could be not having enough ventilation (not allowing enough of the heat to air out). The warm air from the living space below rises and stays in the attic, causing your attic to feel like an oven. Take a look at your attic, if you see any frost or dampness there is not enough ventilation. Contact the "Exterior Experts" today and we would be happy to take a look for you.

Learn how to get a 30% tax rebate on your next roof... hurry, time is running out.

Free money!!! Let us get you a 30% tax rebate on your next roofing project! Wait what..? Yes, that's correct...If you replace your existing skylight with a Velux Solar operating unit, 30% of the entire project is eligible for a federal rebate. This 30% tax rebate will be valid through December 31, 2016. Call for more details today at (413)-592-1498!
A Roof you can walk on

Dectec is a slip resistant textured roofing material that would look amazing on your flat roof and or deck. This roofing membrane is designed for foot traffic. Dectec  Call Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement, Inc. TODAY for more information.

Take a quick look on how to install Dectec

CertainTeed roof warranty

Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement, Inc. are proud members of "SELECT Shingle Master" for CertainTeed. What does that mean you ask? This credential represents the highest standards in the shingle roofing industry. We can offer CertainTeed's strongest warranty that is exclusive to Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement, Inc. We are authorized to offer our customers SureStart Plus which is an extended warranty protection. SureStart Plus offers a 5-star coverage for 50 years. This includes non-prorated coverage on materials & labor, tear-off, disposal and workmanship. CertainTeed roofing products are made with quality materials and advanced manufacturing methods to exact standards of excellence. Who's better than the "Exterior Experts" to install your integrity roof, Nobody but Nobody beats Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement Inc... Nobody!!
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