January  - 2017

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  Organizations are complex entities. Effective leadership calls for developing a strategy (the action taken to secure a competitive advantage), structuring the organization to achieve that strategy, ensuring that internal processes are focused on customer needs, and focusing all of the people within the organization...


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Patrick S. Frazier, CBC
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Case Study
Regional Medical Center, Northern Indiana - This center, with over 3,000 employees, has been offering a wide variety of programs and care to serve their commitment to providing the community with quality healthcare.


It is inevitable for a rapidly growing organization to be susceptible to issues that wouldn't matter otherwise. Employee engagement strongly correlates to Patient Satisfaction, Perception of Safety and Physician Satisfaction. Employee engagement issues surfaced among departments and needed immediate action. The results of the annual engagement study stratified departments into three engagement tiers. Tier I departments identified as the most employee engaging, while Tier III was the least employee engaging department.

The Coaching Authority was asked to partner with the Healthcare organization aiming to improve employee engagement scores for Tier III departments. Over the course of 9 months, The Coaching Authority conducted 5 workshops, 35 individual talent profiles and over 50 individual coaching sessions for managers at the Medical Center.


These workshops resulted in a 55% overall increase in the employee engagement scores from 2015 to 2016, while an outstanding 64% increase in the employee engagement scores in the Tier III departments from 2015 to 2016.

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