Volume 3 | April 2017
In Partnership-April 2017

Mentoring - Developing Leaders

An opportunity for faith formation leaders to have accompaniment and guidance for a season in order to deepen their capacities or update skills and engagement.

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Mentored Relationships for Leadership Development
The third section of pages on the Faith Formation area of the CT Conference UCC website is entitled, Mentoring- Developing Leaders.

This initiative of the CT Conference provides guidance and trained mentors who are ready, willing and more than capable to step into the role of accompanying a faith formation leader.  It is a reasonable fee for service arrangement with guidance
from Karen Ziel, Minister of Faith Formation and Leadership.

Most often, a mentor will work with a mentee through a season of their work in order to guide, support, assist and encourage a leader who would like to test skills for the work of making disciples in a local church setting.

Practically, bi-vocational leaders with part-time hours in a local church whose role may be in children's ministry.  OR a new faith formation leader with a more substantial part-time role seeking support and guidance for managing an active program year.  OR a full time leader with an expanding or changing role who may want to deepen capacities for moving into a transition time or assuming leadership for adult formation for example.

The process begins with a simple recognition on the part of the practitioner that they would benefit from some additional development for the work they are called to in the local church.

This may coincide with course work or other development work or may be the sole development work the practitioner is currently engaging in . Discernment conversations with supervisor and other caring leaders invested in the practitioner's success can help determ ine if this is the right time for this approach.

If the answer is yes, the potential mentee and or the mentee's supervisor should reach out to Karen Ziel at the CT Conference offices.
Spotlight                  ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH!
April in National Abuse Prevention Month.  Dr. David Read Johnson, co-director of the Post Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven, CT., has said that maltreatment of children is the single largest health crisis we face.  

This is a good time to share resources and educate our congregations!  This is a good time to pray for the needs and rights of children everywhere and in particular, in our communities where we might have a greater impact.  

For more information and resources we offer a couple of links to useful sites you can visit.

National Abuse Prevention Month: sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services 

United Church of Christ Insurance Board Resources at the Safe Conduct Workbench

The Joyful Heart Foundation offers wonderful resources too!
NEAUCE Registration
-It's NOT TOO Late!

The New England Association of United Church Educators 46th Annual Conference will be held from May 2nd-4th 2017 at Pilgrim Pines Conference Center in nearby Swanzy, NH.  

Toward Common Ground is this year's theme and focus of the event!  More than ever our service to the church requires our engagement is the communities and world around us in life giving ways for the common good.  This is an essential call of our discipleship.

This year the gathering includes three wonderful keynote presentations, stimulating workshops for everyone and an opportunity for racial justice training.

Scholarships are available, for more information, link here.

Looking for a change?

Considering  local church employment?

Annual Meeting Opportunity

Child caregivers are needed for two children's programs during the Annual Meeting of the three S. New England Conferences to be held on June 16 and 17, 2017.

If you or someone you know is interested and available for these paid positions, please contact Karen Ziel 

All interested parties will complete a simple process to verify qualifications to serve.

CT Conference United Church of Christ  
Karen E. Ziel, Minister of Faith Formation and Leadership
860-761-7104            karenz@ctucc.org