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  Exotic Mushrooms

0671  KING TRUMPET, 3#


Also called King Oyster, they are savory with a firm meaty texture. This texture makes them an excellent meat-substitute. They're drier than other varieties of mushrooms, so marinate and cook them slowly on low-heat. 


0666  MAITAKE, 3#


Also known as Hen of the Woods, maitakes have a distinctive aroma and rich, woody flavor. Enjoy roasted, grilled, sautéed, or stir-fried. They pair well with other mushrooms, bitter greens, garlic, onions, eggs, shellfish, and cream sauces. Sourced Locally. 



0642  PIOPPINI, 3#


Used in a variety of Italian and Asian cuisine, pioppini mushrooms are mildly sweet and nutty. Chefs love that they maintain their firmness when cooked. 



0654  POM POM, 3#


Pom pom mushrooms have a mild, sweet flavor with a texture similar to lobster. They are delicate white spheres with soft spines, no stems. Do not wash-- just slice and sauté in butter or oil.