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Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer & Archangel UrielFebruary 28, 2011

Another new month in a year that will go by very quickly as we continue to move forward on our journey of recalibration, re-wiring, re-birth and re-newal. Make a commitment to create the highest potential for yourself this month as the energies will support it. Here's what is in this week's newsletter:
  • The Enlightening Life radio show is now on Itunes. Click here to download the archives and more will be available soon.
  • The recording of the How to Win Life's Lottery class available! Click here to get the download and handout.
  • Have you seen the new classes available on the website? These include the Guilt & Shame class, Aligning the Trinity and more! You can still purchase the 11 Days to 2011 program which many have used to clear their energy for 2011. Visit the Products page for more information.
  • We are either drowning in the earth's energy or managing the unlimited ways it can manifest for us. Read about it in the first article. 
  • We begin March with a clean slate, after the clearing work we did in February. What does this mean as individuals in a connected worl? We're already seeing many examples around us, and this is March's energy too. This is the subject of the second article.  
  • In Archangel Uriel's message this week we are asked to trust where we are, that all exists in perfection, especially us and our journey. When we trust we re-connect to the wisdom of the Universe which is our Source connection.              
  • Sometimes I don't listen to my Indigos and they let me know. But I found a way to give them the time they needed and help them think for themselves. This is the Indigo/Crystal article for this week.  Visit the website to see a list of traits and decide whether you are Indigo or Crystal ... or both.
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Read the March article on the Uriel Heals website.  
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Drowning in the  Energy


Read the March 2011 message here.


If we could see the earth's energy as it really exists we would see many points of bright light surrounded by empty space. The bright lights represent the energy waiting to become form; the empty spaces make room for the energy to expand in response to the commands it receives. But what would be most shocking to us would be to learn that this energy literally hangs on our every word and thought, waiting for us to command it into physical presence. But so often we are overwhelmed by the energy and drown in it, instead of being in control. We think it is in control and do not even consider that we have mastery over the earth's energy.


The energy we experience represents the collective vibrations of everyone around us. And our first experience of this is emotional, which is why we can feel so overwhelmed and out of control.  Are we ever in control of our emotions? We are when we are consciously aware of them and set our intention for what we want to experience. But we are usually so involved in the emotions that we get overwhelmed and then we are drowning, so focused on keep our heads above water that we can't even begin to think about energy management.


One of our greatest life lessons is to learn that life is about choice and it is through choice and conscious choosing that we set the energy of our life. This is why we have free will, although we tend to use it in unconscious ways. We are not here to suffer, although that is a possible choice, as is joy. We forget that we are here as masters, not victims, and we can either be overwhelmed in the energy and drown in it or be consciously aware that we are creating within each moment and use our free will to direct the energy into its highest possible expression.


Nothing in our lives is pre-determined and everything is up to us and reflects the choices we make. The sooner we become aware of ourselves as powerful masters of the energy of the third dimension, the sooner we can begin to create the reality and world we want to live in. Conscious, intentional use of our free will is what will enable us to create this result and until we do, we will be drowning in the vast energy around us, confused, unsure and wondering why our lives are so challenging when with a single thought, we can direct the energy in more life-affirming, fulfilling ways and use the unlimited potential of the energy around us to create a life we thought only existed in our dreams.


The Uriel Heals  Enlightening Life radio show 
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The Energies of March


All I can say about February is 'What happened?' It was a strange month energetically and it flew by so quickly that just as we settled down to do one thing, it was time to do the next. This year will be like that, there will be periods when time goes by very quickly and other times will go more slowly. For many February was a month of strange weather too, which kept many people indoors, isolated at times, a sort of enforced time out so they could absorb and process some of the big energy downloads we received this month.


March will be a little easier in terms of the weather as the snow melts, spring begins to arrive and the ground thaws. I'm already seeing crocuses in my garden even though they are now hidden beneath the snow. We have some planned energy downloads coming, but I see them as arriving on Mondays and being dispersed throughout the week, with a rest on the weekend until the next one begins the following week. So the energy downloads are not finished, but they will be more regular and more predictable, at least for the month of March.


We also have the equinox on March 20 which is the astrological new year and a powerful time. But what is different about this year's equinox is that we have been preparing for it since January and certainly all of February. If you look at what is happening in the world, specifically in the Middle East, there is a lot of balancing going on. By March 20 most of the countries involved in this will have come to agreements with their people and there will be a greater and more equitable distribution of power. And we will see this in our lives, as March completes the release cycle we have experienced in February, allowing the old, dense energy to float away and replace it with a brighter, clearer and more balanced expression of our light.


This year so far has been about releasing that which no longer resonates with us, setting new intention and energetic connections and learning to live in the present instead of the past. These energies we see on a global level are being mirrored in our lives, with a sometimes not-so-gentle push to continue to release those things that do not serve us. Self forgiveness is a big issue for March, as is remembering that we have no control over what others' do and when we shift our energies in response to our soul's call for transformation we allow everything that does not resonate at our new energetic level to fall away. If we try to hold on to things we no longer need to experience, March will be a difficult month. The theme for this month is to surrender to the moment, find our center and whatever is still with us is what should be there. Have a great month.


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Uriel's Message -- Trust Where You Are


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Life and its lessons appear as challenges you must overcome through your divine wisdom and guidance. But while you believe that these are challenges to your wisdom, they are opportunities for you to reconnect to the all-knowing light within. The blessing of each challenge is the knowledge that you are divine, that fear is an energy whose power is limited through your willingness to trust in yourself. Trust where you are in each moment so its perfection may be revealed to you and with it, you remember who you are.


Perfection exists in your life at all times although when faced with challenges your focus on the fear, which is the energy of the past, blocks the light of the love and power that are also present. It is in your most challenging times that you feel alone and afraid, unsupported and lacking guidance because you look outside of yourself, even to Source, for what you believe you lack. You do not trust yourself because you feel that you have betrayed your purpose and mission and even Source. Yet through these experiences you gain wisdom and understanding, through which you re-member Source connection. The wisdom of the Universe is always within you when you remember to trust the perfection of where you are.  


You embrace fear and doubt when you feel overwhelmed and overcome by life. Life is not your master; you are the master of life and of living. The third dimension is just another energetic space whose purpose is to bring you back into wholeness. It will reflect your separation until you bring all of the pieces of yourself back into alignment with your divinity. Even the ego longs for wholeness although it needs the element of trust, which comes from spirit, for this to occur. The ego does not have trust because it knows fear. Balancing the ego with spirit allows trust to occur and then you have access to the wisdom that will allow you to shift the energy of your reality and create transformation.


Trust that every aspect of your reality, in each moment, exists in perfection. Then you move from one perfect moment to the next. Through trust you raise your vibrations and reconnect with the wisdom that is required to move you into joy, peace, love and abundance. In each moment you are in the energetic reality you have created and through trusting in yourself and opening to the guidance from within, you connect to the aspects of your being that bring you back to wholeness, to your grounded center, to your light within and then you are Home, within your heaven on earth.


Are You Listening to Me?


I must admit that I have a habit my Indigo children find particularly annoying and they tell me about it every time I do it. As a master at multi-tasking, I do not always listen to them when they talk to me. Whether they are standing in front of me or on the phone, I am often distracted, busy and trying to take care of a dozen things at once. But when I do that I am not engaged in the conversation, really listening to them, and they feel that I am not giving them the attention they deserve. So they say "are you listening to me" and stop talking until they have or can get my attention.


Indigos can be demanding of our time and attention and it seems that they always need something. Although my Indigo children are older and no longer live at home, I am still involved in their lives and there are times when they do need my full attention. If they feel they aren't getting it and to be honest, at times I am busy or it isn't convenient, they shut down because they need me right then. With three children it was sometimes hard to juggle my schedule and their needs, especially when they were all having problems.


They didn't understand that I could not always be fully present for them, that I had my own issues to deal with and I could not drop everything to be available for them. Their problems were right there in the forefront of their thinking and they needed help right then, not when it was convenient for me. Yes, that is immature but Indigos can be rather immature. So I set time aside each week to sit and talk and during that time they had my full attention. This was our time together, during which they could talk about anything they wanted to address. Of course there were the occasional emergencies, but they became less frequent as their private time with me allowed them to work through issues in an orderly way and they learned to think for themselves.


During our time together they knew that they had my full attention and I listened more than I talked. I offered my opinion if they asked for it, and didn't judge or criticize them, I let them talk about whatever they wanted to, without interruption and since I was fully available our discussions were productive. They weren't mad because I wasn't listening and I wasn't trying to fit a conversation around my activities. Try that with your Indigos, because it does work and by making it easier for them to open up, to resolve problems and to create a process that helps them manage their lives and get your help on a consistent basis, rather than waiting until a crisis happens to open lines of communication.



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