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Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer & Archangel UrielAugust 1, 2011

It's now August, hasn't this year gone by quickly? This month's message is, very appropriately, about our choices and how in every situation we can accept or decline but that doesn't mean that every choice can be as simple as 'yes'' or 'no'. There are other things to consider. And this week starts with a new moon and another Mercury Retrograde, powerful ways to start a new month.  This month's message, "Accept or Decline" will guide you in this month of review, release and renewal. 


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  • Yes and No are not always that simple. Sometimes our 'no' means yes and our 'yes' means no.  Read about it in the first article. 
  • The energies of August are described in the second article, read about what's happening this month. 
  • Are you dis-illusioned with your reality? According to Archangel uriel, that is simply a sign that you have disconnected from its energy and can no longer support that illusion, so it's time to create a new one.    
  • I've been noticing how young fathers interact with their children lately and realized they are clearing their family karma, as well as meeting the energy needs of the new generation of children. This is the Indigo/Crystal article for this week.  Visit the website to see a list of traits and decide whether you are Indigo or Crystal ... or both.
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No means Yes and Yes means No?


Read the August 2011 message here.



While every situation is an opportunity to accept or decline, accept doesn't always mean 'yes' and decline doesn't always mean 'no'. Sometimes we accept something by declining it and what we decline indicates our willingness to accept something else. How can we know we're making the best and right choice? By understanding what we want as an outcome and keeping our focus on our intention, while remaining open to the 'extra' that the Universe can send our way.


Sometimes our most empowering choices can be those in which we intentionally and consciously decide to say 'no' and by doing this we are actually saying 'yes' to a disempowered part of ourselves that needed to make this choice. Declining can be a powerful tool that reminds that we do have choices in every situation and our 'no' to something is a 'yes' to ourselves. Through our ability to see that declining is an option we are actually closing one door and opening another, releasing our fear and stepping into love and all of the power that goes along with being in this energy.


Other times, we can accept something that triggers some of our deepest fears and this choice allows us to finally move beyond them, something we may have been unable to do for many lifetimes. Can we accept that we deserve success, love and joy? Are we able to accept an opportunity to do something for ourselves that moves us beyond others' needs and expectations? This can be an empowering moment in our life and one that we may have taken lifetimes to be able to achieve. Are we willing to accept love, joy and success, no matter what has happened in the past? Our deepest fears are rooted in the past and by accepting to move into something that scares us, we are saying 'yes' to us and 'no' to the fear.


Our reality is created one choice at a time and when we choose with conscious intention, putting ourselves and our needs first, we affirm our divine birthright of fulfillment in every area of our life and move beyond whatever limitations our fears have imposed on us. While they can be very powerful, our desire to be happy, to know what life can be like when we live firmly grounded in our power, is even more compelling. And as we choose through our power and our highest good, we affirm that we want the best for ourselves and our life and are willing to allow that to happen.


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The Energies of August


We're beyond the midpoint of 2011 now and the big question we're all asking is 'Are we there yet?' This has been a year of transformation, lessons, learning and choices. We have been asked, time and time again, whether we are sure of what we want. This month also begins with a new moon, a good time to create a wish list of areas in your life where you want more - more love, fun, excitement, joy, confidence and action. Are we ready to put ourselves first? Have we completed our karma? Is it time for us to let things go and if so, are we ready to fully release them and not let go and then look back, hoping they will catch up to us?


August gives us another chance to do that because it begins with a new moon and a Mercury Retrograde, this year's second opportunity to re-view the past, repeat past behavior (or not), re-lease those things which no longer serve us and re-store our energies. We can use Mercury Retrograde in many different ways and too often we see these periods with dread, expecting the usual delays in communication and travel, computer problems, and general life upsets.


But Mercury Retro is more than that, it's a time when we can take care of the little things that we put off because we don't have time for them. In this next three weeks we will because they can come up in ways that we can't ignore. If you haven't backed up your computer in months and it crashes so you lose your work, this period will remind you that you need to take care of your life's little details, both the outer and the inner ones. Have you been putting off making a choice or decision? Mercury retro will put you right in the middle of it so you have to do that.


So August begins with a strong reminder to prioritize, manage our time and energy, to not let things get away from us until our energy is scattered in 100 different directions. Then as we move through the month we will be able to create closure in many situations that have been nagging at us all year, mirroring lifetimes of experience. I've been seeing many people with choices to make about family responsibilities, commitments and connections and how they can learn to create balance among them. In August you can answer the question, 'Who comes first in your life?" and re-assess whatever has been a priority for you to ensure sure that what is getting your time, energy and attention is also serving your dreams.


Have a wonderful month.


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Uriel's Message -- The Blessings of Dis-Illusionment


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Those things which get your attention are created through tension and resistance. The flow of energy is interrupted in the presence of fear and this becomes a point of transformation. Will you choose the fear or something beyond it? The fear has been a constant presence and companion and the path beyond it is unknown. The tension which you feel as dis-ease, dis-comfort, and dis-illusionment are blessings which show you that your reality is not in alignment with your energetic vibrations.


As you raise your vibrations and allow new energies to become integrated into your being, tension is created wherever they conflict with your existing vibration. The illusion you are living through is no longer resonating with you and you can no longer support that illusion. Other choices, beliefs and thoughts are now required to support the new reality you wish for yourself, which then creates a new illusion. All life is an illusion, a paradigm that you create through your energetic vibrations. Being dis-illusioned simply means that you can no longer support your current illusion.


Every illusion requires a constant flow of energy to support it. The illusion that is supported by fear, pain and drama is created when you are in those energies. The moment you feel that your illusion no longer works for you is the moment in which you have disconnected from your illusion and your soul is calling to you to connect to higher energies, expand your vision for your life, to resonate with a new vibration and be willing to allow more light into your being. You can see the dis-illusionment as a failure or as a divine blessing.


What you see as a problem is simply a process of disconnection so you can reconnect to something else. All life is a flow of energy that must continue to ascend into higher vibrations. Where your illusion has grounded you in a particular path is where you will feel tension and when you disconnect and allow your energy to expand, through setting an intention for a new course for your path, you create tension whose purpose is to show you where disconnection needs to occur and reconnection can happen. Embrace this with joy as it is confirmation of your transformation, then choose your new path and allow new levels of illusion to become your reality.  


Healing Fatherhood Karma



I was having dinner at a restaurant this evening and sitting across from me was a young family with two young children, a boy and a girl. The children were well behaved and the family energy was very loving. But what got my attention was how loving, attentive, kind and patient the father was with his children. He listened to them, took time with them, paid attention to their needs, and interacted with them at every opportunity. I have been noticing how fathers interact with their children lately and realized that many fathers are resolving lifetimes of karma through how they interact with their children today.


I don't remember many interactions with my father when I was young, my mother was the one who took care of us, she managed the household and my father went to work and washed the car (we always had a very clean car). This new generation of fathers, many of them Indigos, are resolving lifetimes of karma with their children because for many lifetimes, the male energy has been involved in destroying families and children, creating drama and mayhem, and never parenting their children. Today I see a generation of fathers who are active parents, who love their families and children and who are, many for the first time, expressing their father energy in positive ways.


As we are at a time when karma is being resolved and cleared, many of these fathers have strong karma with their wives and children. As they become highly involved parents, they are also evolving into a more loving version of themselves and are undoing lifetimes in which they were not very supportive or available to their children. The children they have today are those they may never have been able to parent in other lifetimes and they are atoning for that now by being a strong presence in their lives, in a very loving and supportive way. Many of the new generations of children need to experience the strong, loving father presence. This is why many of them have chosen to be in families where the father wants to heal his family and father karma because they readily accept and return the love he gives them.


Many of the young men I know who are or want to become fathers have strong opinions about how involved they should be with their children and see they see their role as important as that of the mother, and want to be an integral part of their children's lives, whether it is feeding them, changing diapers, pushing them in a stroller (which my father would never have done) or listening to their stories. What we are seeing is a paradigm shift in the male energy, an evolution into a more conscious, loving and present presence in the lives of children so they can experience the balanced male and female energies. I'm so happy to see this and to all of you involved, loving and karma-healing fathers out there, you are creating a paradigm shift of great importance and providing a safe environment for new generations and you are doing a wonderful job.


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