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Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer & Archangel UrielJanuary 2, 2012 

Happy New Year! I know you are anticipating this year as much as I am and I do hope that it is filled with the abundant blessings for your life that your heart desires. We've come a long way and here we are. The question is, what do we do next? As pioneers we get to set the energy for this new paradigm and it's time we got started.
The 2012 predictions have been posted and I'll be discussing them throughout this month. They may help you with some of the things that we experience in the upcoming months. Click here to read them now.
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Happy New Year!  


As I have done for the past several years, I have released the predictions for 2012.  Although I don't like to make predictions, I know that by giving you insights into what I see as upcoming changes, challenges and opportunities, you can be prepared for them. Some of the challenges of the past few years have made us wonder, at times, whether the destination was worth the journey. As humans, we like to see an end point, to know why we're doing something, to know that there is a reward for our efforts. There is a reward but it isn't the kind we're used to.  We're living in new times, there are new rules and we're playing a new game.


2012 will present us with different levels and types of challenges and one thing we will see in this year is a more sobering aspect of life as we begin to realize that we have to be in control of the reality we create for ourselves, individually and collectively. As we have seen with the backlash against the Occupy Wall Street and other movements that challenged established control structures, change isn't always appreciated by those in power. And in our own lives, we will experience some resistance to the changes we want to make, from ourselves and from others. The question for us is, do we allow the resistance to make us stop what we're doing or move beyond it?


In 2012 we will be increasingly aware of the presence of the dark energies but that is only because we are more aware of the light. What we do with our power and how we shift into higher dimensions is the focus of our path right now. We can be martyrs for the world or we can be victors, moving beyond victim consciousness, to teach and heal the world through empowered, fulfilled living. This is a big step for us, one that we have prepared for, are ready for and need to start now. How can we experience life on the level of more-more joy, abundance, peace, love. Suffering is always a choice but it's one we can reject for more joyful, fulfilling outcomes.


When each of maintains our highest possible degree of self awareness and live fully in the present we become what the world needs as it looks for new solutions to eons of domination and powerlessness. We have created a new earth that now needs creative, powerful thinking because this new earth isn't created for us, we create it for ourselves. What do we want it to look like, how do we want to experience it, what do we want our new earth to contain for us? These are some of the questions we will have to answer as we move through 2012. So I hope you find the predictions helpful and I send you my wishes for a year of joyful living, abundant blessings, and the fulfillment of each one of your heart's desires.

Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman


Click here to read the 2012 predictions


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The Energies of January    


January is going to feel like the 'calm before the storm', partly because there are no planets in retrograde motion during the first three weeks. Many areas of the U.S. are enjoying spring-like temperatures and we're wondering if winter is going to suddenly appear with sub zero temperatures, snow, ice and howling winds to remind us that Spring is still a few months away. Rather than anticipate the timing of upcoming challenges, we can use this time to rest, re-center, re-group, re-balance and set some intentions for a powerful and interesting year.


January will be a relatively peaceful month but deceptively so because while nothing appears to be happening on the surface, that's only because everything is happening underneath. And this begins our education in cosmic science that we will be experiencing all year, that what we see on the outside is the result of everything that happening under the surface. An enormous issue for this year is for us to practice mindful manifesting, to ignore appearances and focus instead on intention, allowing, and receiving, aware that it is what we empower that determines what we experience.


Intention is the process that sets energy in motion. When we start a sentence with "I intend", similar to saying "I AM", we flip the Universal power switch and energy starts moving. With allowing we stand aside and let the Universe be our partner. In a recent vision I had, I was shown that we all sit at the 'right hand of God', it isn't a seat reserved for Jesus and what this statement means is that we are partners with God (or Source) and this is what co-creation is all about. Can you imagine yourself seated at the right hand of God? What a powerful concept.


As we go through this month don't put off setting intentions for your life because you wonder what's going to happen next. Enjoy this time of rest but also realize that this is the paradigm of the new earth, we can be enjoying life while we let the Universe do the heavy lifting, setting powerful intensions for powerful living and then knowing that we have set the energy in motion and we can simply trust that everything is working and flowing as it should. And finally, we have been told for so long that we are powerful, now we have to step up to the plate. It's 'game on' now, if we want to create our lives and the world as we want it to be, we need to get to work and get the energy moving in the direction of our highest potential.


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Uriel's Message -- The Balance of Dark and Light


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With the birth of a cycle of experience, and you are part of the human cycle, there is a flow and purpose to the balance of dark and light that is created. Every new cycle begins with darkness, just as night is the beginning of the day and gives way to the light that awakens the world to the dawn. Those who are in the darkness are not aware of where they are, or that there is a presence of light they can connect with. The experience of darkness must be completed before there can be an experience of light and the graduation from dark to light happens within each one according to their desire for light and their experience of themselves and their power in the darkness.


Those who know how powerful the dark can be fear the light because they believe that if they exchange dark for light they must also exchange power for powerlessness. Some souls never make this choice and that is their role in the earth, as there are those who need to hold darkness on the earth because it is a choice each one can make and darkness must be present to balance light. Each has their own contract with Source, their commitment to serve and yes, some do commit to holding dark energies so that everyone can experience them as part of their cycle.


Then there are those who only choose light because they fear the darkness. These embrace the peace and quiet of the light but they ignore its power because they believe that power is part of the darkness. Both energies have power, which is expressed in different ways. The power of the darkness is controlling and greedy; that of the light is sharing and caring. Darkness rules through fear, light rules through divinity. You can be divinely powerful and this allows your light self to shine for and in the world.


The darkness fulfills its own purpose, as does each thing in the Universe. Its purpose is to align you within your ego, the light expands you into spirit. The darkness reminds you of limitations and control, the light is limitless and invites you to surrender. What is your most powerful choice? That which is the fulfillment of your soul's desire for healing and wholeness in each moment which may be dark or light or both. Do not judge your choices; instead, stay in your awareness of the reality you wish to create and allow the energies to flow, light and dark, as you create the vision for your reality and your heaven on earth, which requires that you embrace your light in its fullness.


Life As A Video Game


(This is a reprint of one of one of my favorite and most popular Indigo/Crystal series articles-- I hope you enjoy it)


My oldest son is a video game designer who loves playing video games. In fact, as a little boy he started his video game journey with Super Mario Brothers. I can remember watching him as he played at the various levels, his little fingers moving as he moved the figures, jumped over obstacles and captured gifts and prizes. When I wanted to play at that level (because I thought it looked interesting), he carefully explained the process, I had to complete all of the other levels to get to level 8 or 12. There was no skipping around, no starting where I wanted to, the game controlled that and I had to follow the rules.


And when I asked my son if I could play those higher levels in his game, he refused because he knew that if I failed, then I would alter his levels at the game and take him back to the beginning. I don't know who told him this but he was very well educated when it came to video games, even at age 6. If I remember right, when you graduate to different levels, you also begin at that level when you re-start the game. I, unfortunately, always started each game at level 1 because I didn't have the skill level, time or patience to play long enough to get beyond that level.


Some people think that video games are a waste of time but I think there is something the video game generation (most of whom are Indigos), knows that we do not and their understanding of video games are powerful insights into life, healing, transformation and manifestation. We have to complete each level of understanding before we can advance to a new one. If we try to play someone else's game we will alter both of our paths because we don't have the skill level to succeed and our actions impact their level too. We can't skip around and decide the level we want to be at, each level becomes available to us when we have completed the criteria required for being there, and all levels preceding it.


This is powerful information that each new generation will need because everything has changed, the rules for creating and living life are now different and children need to learn this and they do, from video games. Funny, though, most of them already know this and that's how they do so well at video games, even when they're very young. Although I think there are better ways of spending time, I know that the information they learn from video games is important and, when done in moderation, gives them knowledge about how to live their lives and use their gifts and power in powerful and fulfilling ways.

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