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Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer & Archangel UrielMay 2, 2011

May is here, we're already 4 months into the new year and it has been an experience so far! This month's message is about Truth. What is our truth and how do we express it? Do we approach the truth from doubt or knowing? Here's what is in this week's newsletter:
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  • The Maternal Emotional Energetic Imprint meditation is our most popular product. And this is the perfect time to clear these energies so we can be aligned with our joy instead of our limiting energetic imprints. Get your download copy by clicking here.
  • Do we manifest our reality as a statement, using our I AM energy or do we ask for permission, saying AM I? Understanding this is the key to knowing your truth. Read about it in the first article. 
  • After the grueling energies of April, May will be somewhat easier. This month is about taking action, not in giant leaps but in remembering that the first step in action is 'being', not doing. Read more in the second article.
  • Archangel Uriel's message asks us who we are being, as we embody many different aspects, energies and vibrations, each of them a possible potential and none more right or wrong than another. When we know who we are being we understand our energy and can make different choices.
  • We have the wonderful blessing of new generations of highly evolved, spiritually aware and very connected children. Who are they and why are they here? This is the Indigo/Crystal article for this week.  Visit the website to see a list of traits and decide whether you are Indigo or Crystal ... or both.
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I AM or AM I?


Read the May 2011 message here.


Two little words, I AM, hold the key to knowing the secret to the joy, love, abundance, success and fulfillment that is our reason for being here. We know that these words are powerful and we use them countless times every day to create the reality we live in. Our lifetime search is one of truth, we want to know that the powerful I AM of our spiritual aspect can translate to the material world and it does, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. But it is most powerful when we use these words as an answer instead of as a question.


AM I? is not a powerful way to approach search for truth. In fact, it is a question whose answer is another question. Am I powerful? Am I worthy of love? Do I deserve to have everything I want? These questions are important to us but they come from a place where we have doubt and want validation. Our next step, from this standpoint, is to find someone who will give us a positive answer. But we know that who and what we attract mirrors our energy so we find those who can't answer our question because they have the same questions that we do.


When we use I AM as a question we are asking the Universe for permission to be who we are, to embody the power and presence that we want to have in our lives. We want the truth we think is possible to be the truth that we live. But we don't need permission and no one, including the Universe, can give us permission to be who we are at our core. We are that through the expression of the I AM energy, and we have to change our doubts into trust, fear into belief and stand firm in the knowing that our truth is true for us, when we can declare it instead of asking for permission.


I AM is such a powerful phrase because it is a declaration of our intention. It speaks of our truth which is why we must always use it with great discretion. With the words I AM we create our reality and attract everything that resonates with it. Whatever follows I AM is the truth for us and the Universe responds with the energy to make it happen. With I AM we plant our feet, declare ourselves and our truth. Is that what we really want? Are we aware of the power of this choice? While we won't get permission, we will get results and when we create less than what we want, we know we have asked a question instead of declaring our intention, spoken from doubt instead of knowing and make the next intention one that grounds us into the highest aspects of our truth.

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The Energies of May



With Mercury in a challenging retrograde all month April was not easy. We may have had some powerful lessons in releasing things which did not serve us, seeing others as they are and accepting others' in their own energy and light, all of which take us back to ourselves and what we want in our lives. Our path is individual and while we may have others walking beside us, we have to learn to put ourselves first. This may have been pointed out to you more than once in April and it will set the foundation for what happens in May. And since Mercury is in its shadow until May 11, you may have a few more opportunities to do that.


This month will be about putting plans in motion, setting aside any need to do for others, to be in their lives as a light or supportive presence in ways that do not take energy from our purpose. As we move farther into this year we will need all of our energy to support our life vision and fulfill our intention to have the joy, love and abundance that we want. What we have discovered so far this year is that giving our energy to others takes away from our purpose. Whatever we try to be for them takes away from our ability to be present in our own life.


The events of the year so far may have confused us even more about our life goals and what we really want. The thought of taking action may be too much to consider since while we may be ready for that, we have no idea of which direction to take. Taking action is a process that begins with being, not doing. Doing is the result, we have to 'be' by setting the intention and establishing the energy for the direction that can take. So use this month to get used to your freedom, find your power, establish your boundaries and set the foundation for what you want to do.


As we begin the month on an energized note, the momentum is there for us to use. First we must get used to being in our own energy, free of distractions and energy drains. If we are not powering others' dreams we will have the time and energy we need to fulfill our own. How can we be powerful in our own lives? What do our dreams look like? What is the first step, the second, and so on? If it is too overwhelming to try to see the big picture, what are the smaller steps that we can take each day to stay connected to our vision for our life, to fulfill our purpose and be present in our energy, every moment of every day. As I said in the 2011 predictions, June to August are powerful times and May is the time for preparation as April's endings paved the way for new beginnings. So prepare, get focused, be at peace, dream big and have a wonderful month.



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Uriel's Message -- Who Are You Being?


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In every moment and every situation, with every person and in every thought you are being some aspect of yourself. Some of these aspects are grounded in spirit, others in your humanity. Some are grounded in the past, others are in the present moment. Some of your aspects reflect the lowest of your vibrational aspects and others reflect your highest energies. Who you are is a collection of energies, each are possibilities of expression and you choose which ones you want to express depending on your intention for yourself and your reality.


When you express an intention to fulfill your highest potential, you must connect with the energetic levels that allow this potential to become your reality. And it is at these times you can become confused and feel stuck because this may not be a comfortable or familiar energetic space for you. If you have been withholding your gifts, limiting your energetic expression or supporting others' needs, being in your own energy and power can overwhelm your human aspect. While you know that you have power, how much power is available to you and what to do with that power can be challenging.


You are being an aspect of your self at all times and this is where you manifest your reality. If you are experiencing lack then you are being that aspect which believes you are not worthy of greater blessings. If you are feeling powerless then you are expressing an aspect that fears or is unaware or afraid of your power. If you feel unloved then you are expressing aspects that believe you are not worthy of love. What you are in each moment is where you are connecting to the energies and vibrations that allow you to express that aspect. A change in who you want to be, in the energies you want to embody, will empower your transformation.


All things are a potential for you, from the lowest to the highest of vibrations, from the greatest to the smallest reality, from the most to the least powerful energetic expressions. Any of these is a potential reality and your reality reflects the one you are most comfortable with in each moment. But as you become more aware of your spiritual light, the power within and the presence of your more powerful aspects you create an opening for their expression and they become your reality. There is none better or worse than another, all are part or your energy field and are right for you as you choose to express them. But when you choose to be your most powerful self, to allow your humanity to partner with your divine aspects, to become the co-creator that is your divine destiny, you will embrace the most powerful of your aspects and allow them to be who you are being in each moment.


The Generations of Awakening


Each new generation, beginning with those who are now adult Indigos and Crystals has played a role in humanity's awakening to spirit. The Indigos' role was to bring attention to what was wrong with the world and to inspire us to take action to change how we view standards, expectations, to be more connected and to create a more balanced world. Crystals put us in touch with our intuition, empathy and energies and they began the process of lifting the veil between humanity and spirit, to create awareness of humanity's divine center. And we have new generations who will bring us farther into this awakening process.


These new generations are more open and vocal about their spiritual connections and are not afraid to speak their truth. Many of them are quite young and their knowledge of spiritual matters can only come from a place of deep understanding and connection. Their young age actually allows them to be powerful and believable sources and they garner a lot of attention. People believe them and they can offer proof of what they know. Many have gone public with the truths about the world of spirit and have changed the minds of even the most cynical skeptics.


While generations before these new children have been mostly focused on the material world, these children are highly evolved, grounded in their spiritual knowledge and are not afraid of speaking about what they know, whether people are open to listening or not. Two things help then, beginning with the work of the generations before them. And they have supportive parents or grandparents who believe in them and are open to the information they have. Without this support these children would not have the level of effectiveness they do, or reach the audiences that they can.


Whether it's hearing about an 8 year old college student, watching an artistic or musical prodigy on a video, or reading about a child's visit to heaven or their past life experiences, these children are changing how the world views their spiritual connection. They will not do it alone, we are there to help them and they are going to continue to amaze us with their abilities which they do not see as extraordinary because this is what they are. As you hear about these children be grateful for their presence because they will take us through the next steps of our spiritual journey. And remember that they, like you, are different from others but they won't have to fit in because the world will eventually gather around them and some day they will no longer be the anomalies as new generations come to help humanity move even closer to co-creation and heaven on earth.


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