April is Youth Month and GNFCU is celebrating with

  "Give a Hoot about Savings"  

Every time a Greater Niagara FCU member under the age of 18
makes a deposit during the month of April, they
will be entered into a drawing for great local prizes (Outdoor Fun Basket / Kindle Fire) and   a chance to win a national contest for $1000.  

Not a member?  Open a savings account and get 2 entries.  
One for opening the account and one for your first deposit.

    The Importance of Giving Back to the Community

Greater Niagara FCU is collecting much needed items for the Child Advocacy Center of Niagara during the month of April.  Every time you visit Greater Niagara FCU during the month of April, we are encouraging you to bring items to donate.  For more information on the incredible work done by the Child Advocacy Center of Niagara, visit their website at  CACofNiagara.org.
The Child Advocacy Center of Niagara needs donations to help reduce a little of the stress the children at their center experience. Donations for their younger clients include new stuffed animals, new blankets, books, board games, child-size water bottles and pre-packaged healthy snacks.   Backpacks are provided to female and male youth who are homeless or otherwise at-risk for trafficking. (yes, trafficking in our area) Toiletries, individual tissue packs, blankets, journals, adult coloring books, colored pencils, sketch pads, teen size blankets, hand held electronic games, books, board games and healthy snacks are greatly appreciated. 

Stop in to one of Greater Niagara FCU branches located at 2901 Military Road, Niagara Falls and 160 Ward Road, North Tonawanda during April as we celebrate National Credit Union Youth Month.

Do you have friends or family who are not a member at Greater Niagara FCU?  First, explain to them the benefits of becoming a member and then let them know that we welcome anyone to stop in and drop off donations at either Greater Niagara FCU location.  

College Credit: 3 Steps To Landing The Internship Of Your Dreams

You've probably heard it from a million places that your college resume isn't complete without an internship. That's because internships provide a valuable opportunity to gain experience and build connections in a field of your choosing. It's also a great chance to "try on" a career to see how you like being a professional in that employment arena.

The bad news is that good internships are hard to come by. Highly coveted internships, like those at Google or Procter & Gamble, have many more applicants than available opportunities. Even less lucrative positions might have a line out the door to do the work.

Getting one of these positions is a complicated process, and more than a little luck is involved. It takes some planning and focus. Here are three steps you can take to help position yourself at the front of the line for the summer of a lifetime!

1.) Start early

The application process for an intern starts the second a company starts looking. They want to find someone who's proactive and organized. That means applying early is to your benefit. Think of this from the company's point of view. If all they know about you is that you were scrambling to get your application materials together four days before the deadline, they don't have a lot of reason to believe you're "detail-oriented" or "hard-working." Have a resume and cover letter ready to go now so you can start applying tomorrow.

2.) Customize your documents

There's no such thing as "your" resume. Resumes and cover letters are sales documents that need to be custom-tailored to the company for which you are seeking employment. Do some research on projects the company is presently involved in or ones that have recently been finished. Explain your admiration for the work and talk about how you could add value to those projects. These steps will put you head and shoulders above the cookie-cutter resumes your peers are writing.

3.) Make your own opportunity

If you can't find an internship you really want, it might be time to make your own. Call or email small- to mid-sized companies in your town or community and explain what you can do for them. Work with a trusted professor or internship director at your college to build your own internship experience. This is a nerve-wrecking process, but remember: The worst they can say is no. The experience in marketing yourself alone will be incredibly valuable as you prepare to enter the job market.

2901 Military Road, Niagara Falls 716-297-5944
160 Ward Road, North Tonawanda 716-695-1829