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September 7, 2016

In Their Own Words: Commander in Chief Forum

New York – Tonight, the man who attacked members of a Gold Star family for exercising their fundamental freedom of speech will ask veterans and military families for their votes in a Commander in Chief forum.  Fortunately, the Not Who We Are campaign has already given veterans a platform to stand up to the racism, bigotry and divisiveness that have dominated Donald Trump’s campaign. Below are excerpts of a letter signed by veterans around the country denouncing Donald Trump’s brand of politics:

“Having proudly served our country, we at Vets Against Trump understand that a key principle to America's history of successes and accomplishments is our openness — our unwavering ideal to receive opinions and cultures different from our own — knowing that the advancement of all is best achieved through the integration of a variety of experiences, that our wisdom grows by acknowledging the diversity of our backgrounds.

"E pluribus unum" has been one of our nation's mottos for centuries. This is not just a recommendation from our forefathers, it is a mantra we must be constantly reminded of, especially when confronted with people such as Donald Trump who thirst for power and want to reach it by means of ridiculing and dividing, when what we need is healing and embracing…

“We need to empower our communities — Donald Trump aims to divide us. We must stand together against bigots and intolerants like Donald Trump.”
---Open Letter Created by Ricardo Gutierrez, Member of Veterans Against Trump

“Not Who We Are” is a movement of people from across the United States who are speaking their conscience by starting open letters as employees, professionals, students, and members of civic institutions to say that Donald Trump’s racially intolerant rhetoric and policies are “Not Who We Are.” The campaign features , an innovative online platform that allows Americans who are disgusted by Trump’s attacks to sign an open letter or create a more targeted one of their own. 

To learn more about Not Who We Are, follow us on twitter at @NotWhoWeAre or visit .

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