For Immediate Release
September 6, 2016

In Their Own Words: Ordinary Americans Start “Not Who We Are” Letters

New York – Today’s launch of the Not Who We Are campaign is already giving ordinary Americans across the country a platform to stand up to the bigotry, racism and scapegoating that have dominated Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. 

In just one day, employees at companies like Oracle, Costco, VMWare and [INSERT] have joined with military veterans, students, workers’ rights advocates, University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni and others to stand up and declare that Donald Trump and his brand of politics are not who we are.  Here, in their own words, are some of the reasons why:

"Having proudly served our country, we at Vets Against Trump understand that a key principle to America's history of successes and accomplishments is our openness. We need to empower our communities — Donald Trump aims to divide us. We must stand together against bigots and intolerants like Donald Trump."
--- Ricardo Gutierrez, a military veteran from San Diego who launched a veterans against Trump letter.

“We as a Junior College promote diversity, tolerance and acceptance of every faith, race, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity and disable person and Donald Trump is everything that we are against.”
---Blake Hardeman, a student from Santa Rosa Junior College

“Donald Trump has pushed a campaign fraught with racist comments and policies. As an Air Force veteran and member of the science and technology community… I refuse to allow racism to be represented in our White House for 4 years.”
---Mike Lewis, a VMware employee

“As a father and a grandfather I am appalled that Trump could become the presidential nominee of a major political party in America. His profound ignorance, irresponsible speeches, advocacy of violence against his opponent and protesters and his attempts to further polarize America have given license to every racist, misogynist and xenophobic extremist in America. This is not the America that I studied in my youth. This is not the America I want for my children or grandchildren (or anyone's). This not who we are.” 
---George A. Polisner, an Oracle employee in Oregon

“Trump has given voice to hate and bigotry. The political climate is now fueled by hate mongering which is dividing the nation and the world; we cannot stand for this.”
---Julian Acuna, a Costco employee from California

“Alumni associations generally steer clear of partisan politics, but this goes beyond party and beyond politics. The normalization of hate has made it a matter of ethics to take a stand on this campaign.”
--- Diana Finnegan, who started an open letter signed by alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison

“As a member of the Union Station Workers Council in Washington, D.C., and a proud supporter of Good Jobs Nation I stand with federal low wage contract workers against racial, religious, and other intolerances that Donald Trump and his campaign promotes. This kind of hate and negativity threaten the basic freedoms, safety, and dignity of our communities. There is no place for this kind of discrimination at Union Station or in America. We stand with those who are most at risk. As a united community we affirm that the values that make us who we are include: diversity, openness, inclusion, and compassion. Donald Trump is not WHO WE ARE!”
---Brittany Butler, Washington DC

“Not Who We Are” is a movement of people from across the United States who are speaking their conscience by starting open letters as employees, professionals, students, and members of civic institutions to say that Donald Trump’s racially intolerant rhetoric and policies are “Not Who We Are.” The campaign features, an innovative online platform that allows Americans who are disgusted by Trump’s attacks to sign an open letter or create a more targeted one of their own. 

To learn more about Not Who We Are, follow us on twitter at @NotWhoWeAre or visit .

For more information, contact Damien LaVera – 202-276-2029,