The Pulse...Let the Beat Go on!
                               Winter 2016  
Remember: You Have The Power To Save A Life This Holiday Season!    

Your donation will support our efforts to protect young hearts through outreach, advocacy, free educational materials, collaborations and speaking platforms that advance our vision to eliminate preventable death from SCA in youth. When communities know what to do and how to do it, we will have more young survivors. Please save a life with an end-of-year contribution to Operation Prevention.

What We've Accomplished Together...2 Million People Impacted!

Parent Heart Watch and its Members have been working since 2005 to protect young hearts. Our members report that through the extended impact of their work they've touched the lives of more than two million people across the country

Parent Heart Watch Partners with
the National Association of School Nurses to Protect Our Students

School nurses are on the front lines, championing sudden cardiac arrest prevention in their school communities. Check out our recent podcast with NASN about how to prevent the leading cause of death on school campuses.  
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Young SCA Survivors And Youth Living with a Heart Condition Unite

This online engagement community supports this incredible community of young people who share their heart journeys together. If you know someone who is a young survivor or is living with a heart condition, please let this know there is a place for them to connect and share their voice. 

12th Annual National Heart to Heart Convenes in Arizona

Parent Heart Watch brings together experts from the education, sports, medical and research communities to discuss the latest developments and best practices for sudden cardiac arrest prevention in youth, while members showcase the incredible work being done through their life-saving community programs. There is still time to register!  Heartfelt thanks to the sponsors who make this important program possible.