Incense Today


AS you all know our website has recently shut down its doors to any and all new orders. there might have been problems with a few orders so if you have questions please email us at and we will help you out.

for some of  you who want to take advantage of the situation just remember that we always treated our customers with respect and gave you prices lower than anyone else out there so please understand and try to be honorable.

Just so you guys are not left in the dark with no website to buy form and until we try to come back please visit the following 2 site and you will be able to buy the best products at the lowest cost and top quality products.

Remember they are not Incense Today, but they are good friends of ours and they promised to take care of you.

below are the links for the two site 



Once again thank you for all  your support  we miss you and have a great day.