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Our humane society works around the clock and state, rushing in to help animals in need and distress, whenever the call goes out for our help.  Just recently, our agency played important roles in saving these animals from lifetimes of neglect and cruelty.

Nyla's Shocking Story


It is hard to believe, but some people are sexual predators who prey on animals. Shy, sweet Nyla is one of their victims.  We received a tip last Friday alleging that two men were sexually abusing their dog and videotaping their crimes.  Just one hour after we contacted the Louisiana State Police Sex Crimes Unit, both suspects were arrested and charged with one count each of crimes against nature - a felony - punishable by up to five years in prison. See media coverage HERE.

Nathan Wells and Joshua Granger gave both verbal and written confessions of their crimes and also revealed information about groups that promote this criminal activity.  Our representative in the Ville Platte area took possession of Nyla immediately after her owner's arrest.  The dog is now safe and recovering from her ordeal.  A specialist will examine her shortly to see if she has suffered any long term ill-effects.  Once fully recovered, Nyla will be placed in a loving home.  The local district attorney, armed with a confession and ample evidence, feels confident that the men will be found guilty and dealt with harshly.

Buck is Feeling Better!


In our last email, we sent out this picture and told you the story of Buck, a friendly pit bull who was shot in the rear leg and left to die on the side of the road in Franklin. 

The good news is that Buck is expected to make a full recovery! He will soon have a plate and screws inserted in his leg at LSU Veterinary School.  A new owner has come forward with the promise to give Buck a lifetime of love and attention

Thanks to all of you who have already donated to help pay his medical bills!

  Sassy Tuesday Barely Survives Her Short Lifetime of Neglect

Sassy Tuesday was barely alive this time two weeks ago, when one of our newest volunteer humane investigators, Lacy Richardson, arrived on the scene.  Lacy found Sassy lying in a pasture in Wisner, a small town in Franklin Parish. Unable to stand and barely able to lift her head, Sassy was hours away from dying. Lacy sat next to her for several hours, coaxing her to eat some sweet feed and drink some water.  Finally, Sassy ate a little and found the strength to stand and walk into Lacy's horse trailer.  She was transported to a new, clean environment where she has received around-the-clock care by Lacy and her daughter.  (She is seen in the photo above hugging sweet Sassy in her new stall.)  We are in touch with the sheriff of Franklin Parish, and we are urging him to file charges against the previous owner.

Our investigations department relies on trained volunteers around the state, many of whom work and live in rural areas. They regularly go to great lengths to help animals in need, when few other services or programs are available. We work closely with these volunteers, veterinarians and a long list of police and law enforcement agencies.

That is why your support and donations are so important.  We do not receive any city, state or federal funding.  We must rely on your help. Please give if you can and send this email to family, friends and co-workers who may not know about the work we do.  With your help, we can reach more animals in need and bring justice to the victims of abuse.

Don't forget: we accept used cars and boats as tax-deductible donations.  Contact us at