Our social media campaign focuses on vital end-time topics like the Sabbath and the State of the Dead. Look over this extract from a recent post titled "Death, Forgiveness, and Life." Then I'll share some numbers from Facebook's report.

You may know someone who says that when you die you keep on living in another form. It would be easy to accept that idea if we cut ourselves loose from the holy Scriptures. But if we take the Bible as the source of truth about these things, we cannot accept the idea that "the wages of sin" is some other kind of life.

Living as a spirit in a spirit world does not satisfy the requirement of divine justice. Neither does living again in some reincarnated form. Death – nonexistence – the exact opposite of life – is the wages of sin.

Jesus carried the guilt of all mankind to the cross. In a supreme act of substitution, He took the place of every sinner – of all sinners who have ever lived. The death that He died was not simply a transition from one form life to another. It was the death that is the final punishment for sin. It was the death that you and I would die were it not for His saving act on the cross.

We can best understand the nature of that death by listening to His cry from the cross, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" (See Matthew 27:46.) Jesus experienced death as the ultimate separation from God– the source of life. That is how the price of our forgiveness was fully paid.

You can live forever, not because you have an immortal soul, but because the Son of God took the punishment for your sins.

Facebook reports that this post has been viewed more than 25,000 times. Of that number, 8,000 are the result of what Facebook calls "organic" distribution – distribution based on a complicated formula that includes "quality of content," "relevance," and hundreds of other factors. We don't have to spend a dime for these "organic" views.

But there are another 17,000 views in that total of 25,000. We paid Facebook for this "boosted" distribution to a target audience that we selected. We budgeted $150 for this promotion. This means that we got 17,000 views for less than one penny each.

What is even more interesting is that we got 2,962 "engagements" – that's the number of times people reacted to the post by clicking on an included link, by "liking" or "unliking" it, by sharing it with friends, or by commenting on it. The average rate of engagement for non-profit entities is 4.6%. Our rate for this post is 11.8%.

We are learning as we go, writing, responding to comments, studying the numbers. We need to be posting more often and promoting to larger audiences. We are stretched pretty thin in terms of staff and funding, be we intend to press on as the Lord provides. Your financial support will help.

– Jim Wood

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