From the moment of our birth, we are taught to be independent. We learn how to feed ourselves, provide for ourselves and care for ourselves. These are all very good qualities to have, of course! What we are not taught, I feel, is to learn how to ask for help.

I am a do-it-yourself kind of gal. I built my own website, do my own marketing, and have not let anyone stand in the way of where I wanted to go. I was taught to be independent, and that independence meant success in life.

Since J.T. left this earthly plane, I have had to retrain myself and ask for help, every day.

It began those first days and weeks after J.T. left. I was clearly incapacitated in grief and could barely shower, let alone clean my house and do my kids' laundry. I was so fortunate (and thankful to this day) for those amazing angels who appeared on my doorstep volunteering to do whatever I needed. So grateful. What a humbling experience.

When I learned how to communicate with J.T., he would hound me, "Mom, you can ask for our help, you know. We are here to make life easier for you. Just ask!"

That was a tall order for an independent woman like me. As I continued my journey, I learned how asking for help created a stronger connection with my Helpers, which in turn, created a stronger connection with Spirit.

It doesn't have to be anything spectacular. It doesn't have to be eloquent. It doesn't need to be phrased with just the right words. It is simply, "Whoever can assist me in this moment, I ask for your help. Thank you."

That's it. If you need help finding a parking place, figuring out how to phrase an email, help clearing your energy...anything! Ask!

Our infinite helpers are waiting for us to ask for a helping hand. They have "specialties," where one might be great at helping with intellectual help, like assisting you in seeing all sides of an issue. Some might be literary helpers, giving you the most amazing words to say what you want to say. This time of year I ask for shade parking helpers, so I can park my car in the shade on hot days. The list is infinite! And the best part is you don't have to know for whom to ask! All you say is, "Whoever can help me with this, please come to assist me. Thank you!"

And don't think you have to have a special connection with Spirit. EVERYONE can do this! EVERYONE deserves this, no exceptions.

Take some time this month to ask for help. Your helpers will be so happy to oblige!

Of course, if you need any assistance with this, I am here to help, too!

Have a wonderful July!
Learning How To Heal Yourself and Others
I was given the gift of learning Reiki in October 2007, just a little over six months after J.T. left. At the time, I didn't know what it was or how valuable it would be to me. It was actually a year before I used it regularly! J.T. told me I needed to learn all I could about this energy, and to take my training to the highest level possible so I could teach others how to use it for themselves.

I didn't realize at that time the impact Reiki would have on my life and the life of my family.

I use Reiki every day now, to help with my energy level, to help my Asperger's son get through the day, to heal my dog's leg when she gets too rowdy chasing rabbits, and for the occasional headache I get when I have too much gluten. As you can guess, the uses for this incredible energy are extensive!

On July 14th, I am teaching a Reiki I class at my Loveland office. If you have ever felt like you wanted to take the power of your own healing into your hands, I hope you will join us. No experience or previous healing classes are required.
Click the button below for more info!
Private Sessions in Pasadena/Altadena Area
I'd love to see you in Southern California!
I am traveling to Southern California at the end of the month and have a couple of openings for private sessions on Saturday, July 28th. They will be in Altadena, CA. If you would like to schedule with me, use the button below! Also, if you book now, you will get an additional $15 off your session (special price is $96)! Use coupon code EARLYBOOK. See you in California!
A Weekend of Fun in Lily Dale and Edinboro!
Can you make it?
I am so excited to be teaching in Lily Dale again this year! I have so much fun planned for all of you for the weekend I am there.

Here's my schedule:
Friday, August 10th 2pm - 5pm - Letters from Heaven
This very powerful workshop is designed to connect you with your loved ones who have passed, no matter how long ago, or how they left. We use meditation and a form of automatic writing to receive healing, loving messages from the other side. Our loved ones want to have this connection with us, and are just waiting for us to accept the invitation. Click the button for more information!

Saturday, August 11th 7pm - Stories from Heaven Gallery Readings - Edinboro, PA
I am honored to share the stage with Jenn Shepherd with Bolts of Love as we bring messages from the other side to audience members. The Unity in Edinboro church is a fabulous venue! I do hope you join us for this very special evening! Please note, since this is a gallery reading, not all in attendance will receive messages.

Sunday, August 12th 6pm - My View from Heaven Inspirational Talk - Fellowships of the Spirit, Cassadaga, NY
Join me at Fellowships of the Spirit for a special inspirational talk about My View from Heaven and J.T.'s message for us all. This is a free event!
A Direct Connection to Life's Answers
A New Service for You
After an incredible Between Life Regression with Nancy Just in May, I was led to offer a new service for my clients: Akashic Records Sessions. The response has been amazing, and the sessions are life-changing.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the record of every deed, word, thought, action, for every soul that has ever incarnated on the planet. What this means is we can access your records, your contracts, your past lives, your relationships, and identify what your patterns are, help with your direction, get advice from the Record Keepers on the path for your highest good, and answer almost any question you may have about your life. I was amazed at how clear the Record Keepers were about my clients' paths, and the love and understanding that poured out of their words as they counselled my clients on how to move into their purpose, or enhance their experiences here on this plane.

What I found most profound was how deeply in trance I get when I do these sessions. Not only does this help my clients receive illuminating guidance for their lives, but I get to experience it by "going there," to that space where the answers are. Truly, no words can describe it.

I would love to share this new service with you. If you would like more information or to schedule your own Akashic Records Session, please use the button below. I would be honored to be your Galactic Tour Guide ;-)

Sessions are available at my Loveland, CO office and via telephone.
Save the Dates! September 15th and 16th
Psychic Center of Northern Colorado Booth at the Fall Holistic Fair in Loveland!
The psychics at the Psychic Center of Northern Colorado are excited for the fall holistic fair! We will have a booth doing psychic readings for attendees. I will also be doing a free seminar on Psychometry (day/time TBD). We would love to see you there!
Grief Connection Workshops
The Sun Does Shine Again
In this workshop, you will learn the signs your loved ones use to let you know they are still close by. You will also learn how to open up your own receivers to connect with your loved ones on your own. Your loved ones want to connect with you and help you understand where they are now, how they got there, and what they are doing now.

Everyone in attendance will receive messages from their loved ones!
You will also get a 15 minute follow-up phone call with me to see how connection is working for you and what you need to do to enhance that connection.
Wednesday, July 11th - 6:30pm
Wednesday, September 12th - 6:30pm

Space is limited to 6 participants, so register below to hold your spot!
Please note: this is a workshop, which means you will also be learning how to receive messages. Come prepared to learn!

Use the button below to see the schedule for these workshops.
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