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Indian Student's Post to Pakistanis Goes Viral!

"Dear Friend In Pakistan": A Letter From An Indian Teenager
I've been corresponding with Akshat, a 15 year old in India who has written a book critiquing the school system. He sent me the following letter which was immediately read by over 3 million people in the first three days! JM


Dear friend in Pakistan, 

For all the blood-thirsty fanatics, mad war mongers, water avengers and self-appointed representatives who have threatened to bomb you, break you, starve you, and end you - I am sorry, that isn't me. This may not be the best time to talk, but while both our leaders lock horns, I have something urgent to tell you. 

You are not my enemy. I have no dark corner for you. 

We wept for our brave martyrs of Uri, victims of a coward inhuman act of terror. We were 'told' that the sin was micro-managed by your army and intelligence agency. I don't know how far this holds true, but I am not ready to get drilled with the deposition that it must always be you. 

Whoever be the perpetrator, what does it have to do with you -- an ordinary Pakistani citizen? What makes you an exporter of terror or a co-conspirator? Why should you be confused with the Pakistani Military or the ISI? And especially when it is not clear who the keys are with -- to finance, build and operationalize any act. Your government or military is not Pakistan. Pakistan is you, the vibrant, loving mass of humanity. 

Read the rest here.
AEROx Report and Pictures
The AEROx 2 regional conference at Earthlands turned out to be a very powerful event. It eventually filled nearly to capacity. The variety of participants was amazing. The food was great. The discussions were more in-depth than possible at a bigger conference.
And I admit, this was all pretty much a surprise to me and the other organizers. Even the weather, misty off and on, was not a problem. It only seemed to add to the intensity of the experience as all the workshops were well attended.
The grounds were magical. The Earthlands site has a very strong aura. This may be related to its history. This is a reaction from Larry Buell, a long time environmental activist and founder of Earthlands:
"What an inspiring and engaging gathering with AERO at Earthlands! For nearly thirty years, Earthlands has been a center and destination for alternative education, particularly higher education.  We look forward to many future collaborations with AERO.  Earthlands will be working with the Algonquian language Nipmuc Native American Tribe, who now own land at Earthlands and will create a "Pre-Contact Nipmuc Village" to share Native America Teachings to Native and non-Native groups.  The University of the Wild will be offering a "Semester on Earth", a living and learning community in the Fall of 2017.  It is now time to show and demonstrate to the world that there is truly a new way to live and learn in connection and harmony with the Earth and All Life.  We look forward to many partnerships with AERO as we all move forward into the "Great Turning" where sustainable and regenerative cultures thrive.  Please visit:
I know some of you are now muttering, "Oh, I should have gone!" Well, we hope there will be many more AEROx events around the country. If you want to host one or would like one in your area, write to us!
Here is a detailed description of the AEROx with pictures from Peter Berg.
Here is a gallery of more pictures.   
AEROx Workshop

Adults and children do Parts and Crafts Workshop

Peter Gray chats with participants after his talk

Megan Hoffman with baby in tow does Learn Local, Community Network Workshop

Earnest Cooley demystifies electrical theory

AEROx children play outside

AERO webmasters Jason St. John and Wylie Kuhn get to chat 
Peter Berg, Jerry Mintz and Larry Buell
High Stakes Testing and the Black Community: Just Say No!
High Stakes Testing and the Black Community: Just Say No!
High Stakes Testing and the Black Community: Just Say No!

The Circle School Breaking Ground On $2.7M Campus

The Circle School, a private school that allows students to "practice freedom and responsibility in a scaled-down version of the larger world," will break ground Tuesday on a new facility in Susquehanna Township.

The $2.7 million Meadow Campus will be built on nearly eight acres of land along Wilhelm Road. The land was donated by the George M. Leader Family Corp.

Founded in 1984,  The Circle School has about 70 students and has outgrown two different buildings in its history. The school's current facility is on Oakleigh Avenue in Swatara Township. 

Read more here.

See pictures of the groundbreaking ceremony here.
School Starters Course Begins
The AERO online school starters course is starting this week. We've already connected the current enrollees to the course site. 

The flash scholarship fundraiser took in $3000 and we have been able to give some partial scholarships. We could still take two more regular registrants and one more for partial scholarship if you contact us immediately. 

You can still register for the course here and secure one of the 2 spots. 

This year we have people from such diverse places as Australia, South Africa, UK, and Spain, as well as Las Vegas, WA, Brooklyn, MA and PA. 
AERO has helped start more that 100 educational alternatives. You can see a partial list  here

Jerry Mintz Podcast: Why Schools Have Learning All Wrong
I was interviewed this week by the Annie Jennings Organization for a short pot cast for their site. I think you'll find it interesting and useful. 

Listen to the podcast here.
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