For Immediate Release
October 23, 2012
Becky Rogness

Indiana Right to Life PAC Commends Mourdock's Strong Pro-Life Stance

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee's (PAC) Chairman Mike Fichter released the following statement in support of Richard Mourdock after the final senate debate:


"Tonight, Richard Mourdock showed Hoosiers that he will stand up for all innocent, human life once elected to the U.S. Senate. Richard recognizes what our Founding Fathers wisely proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. They declared that we are endowed by our Creator with the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


"Rape is a vile act, committed in evil. When a pregnancy results out of this horrific crime, every bit of care and love must be shown to the victim. We believe that life begins at fertilization and with fertilization comes the right to life as affirmed in the Declaration of Independence.


"While the senate debate in New Albany, Ind. was going on tonight, in West Lafayette, Ind., Rebecca Kiessling was addressing a Tippecanoe County Right to Life event. Rebecca was conceived in rape. Even though her mother attempted to abort her on two occasions, Rebecca was born and she gives a face to someone conceived in rape. Only God can know the purpose for all human life whether conceived in rape, an unplanned pregnancy or planned circumstances.


"We find it reprehensible that Joe Donnelly would try to make rape a political issue. That type of rhetoric is disrespectful in and of itself to rape victims and individuals conceived in rape.


"Richard Mourdock is our pro-life choice for U.S. Senate and we look forward to him representing Hoosier values in Washington."

Indiana Right to Life PAC works to elect pro-life candidates to public office for the purpose of enacting public policy that protects the right to life of all persons, including the unborn. Indiana Right to Life PAC believes that the issue of life is paramount to all other issues because without the right to life, all other freedoms are without meaning.   

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