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Industry-leading achievements that separate Music Xray from other music service companies:
We know there are a lot of websites that provide services to musicians. Many of them hype you up and then let you down. We know that can lead you to think Music Xray is too good to be true.

What separates Music Xray from other sites that provide services to musicians and the industry?
Although our site design does not yet scream "innovation!", our services sure do. We have harnessed technology in ways that will be the industry standard for years to come.

Here is a short list of what we've done over the past 24 months...and we're just getting started.
  • Created the first and only level playing field in industry history for access to professionals and opportunities, making it no longer dependent upon who a musician knows, but rather on their talent, skill, and market appeal (or that of their music).
  • First and only platform to achieve adoption by major labels for direct submissions.
  • Three times higher user to success ratio than the closest competitor (35.7%).
  • Over 14,000 songs and acts selected for opportunities by industry professionals in the past 18 months.
  • First online tip jar for musicians.
Other notable achievements include...
  • The most advanced music search engine in the world including a sonic similarity search feature where industry professionals upload music that sounds like what they are seeking and they are returned similar-sounding results.
  • This is worth repeating: Every industry professional who uses Music Xray benefits from the collective filtering power of the other 1400 professional users. No company, no website, no A&R tool has ever previously even achieved the necessary industry-adoption to harness the collective filtering power of so many professionals who make their living with their ears. This feature alone gives all our users (professionals and artists alike) a competitive advantage.

We aim to provide real solutions in a sincere and transparent way.

Musicians face enough challenges amid this changing industry. When shady sites don't deliver the results they promise, musicians become rightfully jaded and suspicious. It's hard to know where to turn for sincere career-advancing services. Consider helping your fellow musicians by spreading the word about Music Xray.

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