Daikin Rebel  has incorporated Daikin VRV & Daikin Applied technologies to bring about the industry's first variable speed Heat Pump Rooftop Unit with Hybrid Heat options - gas, electric, hot water. Rebel offers patented ultra-quiet condenser fans and variable speed inverter compressors, achieving Heating COP's as high as 3.8 and IEER ratings as high as 20.6 IEER! 

Rebel  Heat Pump Rooftop units with Hybrid Heating are ideal for 100% Dedicated Outdoor Air, VAV, Single-Zone VAV, or Constant Volume systems.  

Daikin Rebel  Heat Pump Rooftop units with Hybrid Heating Benefits:

-Superior Heating C ontrol with Hybrid Heat Options
-Heat Pump + 10:1 Modulating Gas Turndown, SCR Electric Heat, or Modulating Hot Water Heat
-Superior Dew Point Control
-47F Evaporator Discharge Air Temperature Capability For Low Humidity Applications
-Modulating Hot Gas Reheat for LAT/Supply Air Control