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January 22, 2016
Inequality: How the 4Cs is Fighting Back and Why We Need YOU to Join Us

4Cs Attends Unity, Equality & Democracy Event with Labor, Community, and Religious Leaders
Together we win divided we fall
Last Saturday, nearly 300 people from groups representing over 300,000 Connecticut residents came together at the  " Celebration for Unity, Equality and Democracy." 

With Dr. Martin Luther King ' s words, actions, and legacy providing inspiration, these groups  pledged to work together on five issue areas in the upcoming year: 
  • Universal access to quality public education 
  • A vibrant public sector
  • Racial, gender, and ethnic justice
  • Good jobs and fair wages
  • Democracy in our state and in our workplaces
Challenging Inequality
Connecticut has the largest income gap between the top 1% and the bottom 99% according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Historically, public higher education has served as a means of upward mobility. Does that still hold true? Just recently there was a study published that showed " few low-income Connecticut students earn bachelor degrees within six years of transferring from a community college." 

Keep in mind that instructional and student services spending per student in public higher education is also inequitable:

Upcoming Events
There are two upcoming events that will further explore the theme of inequality. Join us in fighting back! 
  • Justice Works Convening: Saturday, January 30, 9am-3pm, Middlesex Community College. Click here for flyer and details.
  • CSU-AAUP Summit on Inequality and the Crisis in Public Higher Education: Wednesday, February 10, 9:30am-4:30pm. Click here for flyer and details.

Further, we notified you about the Supreme Court case,
Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, and its potential impact for us all in the last newsletter (also see sidebar). Please read the recently published letter to the editor of the  Hartford Courant  which states how this case could threaten MORE INEQUALITY.

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4Cs Calendar

January 28
Manchester Chapter Meeting
Time: 3:45pm
Location: TBA

January 30
Justice Works Convening
Time: 9am-3pm (lunch included), RSVP
Location: Middlesex CC, Chapman Hall, Room 808 A&B

February 6
Delegate Assembly Meeting
Time: 10am
Location: 4Cs Office, 907 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford

April 30
SAVE THE DATE: 4Cs Membership Conference

We have added an educational resource page to our website on the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case argued recently in front of the Supreme Court. 

We will be continuously updating this page of our website. Check back often! 

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