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  • Confirmation Field Trip to Asbury-Babb House
  • Youth Service Day
  • Holy Week Info
  • Teen Parent Resources
  • Other Upcoming Dates
CYM Exists To:
Develop a new generation of disciples, teaching them to  love worship , and  grow in service   to others.
Historic Asbury-Babb House
On Sunday, March 4, we took a field trip to the Historic Asbury-Babb House. This log cabin sits behind Bethlehem UMC in Lebanon. If you haven't ever visited this historic Methodist site, we encourage you to do this soon!
Youth Service Day at Cooks
Saturday, March 17, we will work at the church 10am-2pm, seeking to clean up and prepare our building and grounds for potential Easter visitors. We hope each family will make it a priority to be here in an effort to make our facilities more welcoming to the community.
Holy Week at Cooks
Throughout Holy Week (March 25 - April 1) there will be a lot of opportunities for you and your family to be involved at Cook's. We will have opportunities for youth and adults to be involved and pause to consider the sacrifice of our Savior. We hope you'll make these Holy Week moments a priority in your family schedule.
Cynicism Epidemic: Parent Resource
As a society, studies show that we continue to become more and more cynical with each generation. How can we help our teens to be more hopeful in a world full of cynicism? Take a few minutes to read this article, "How to Raise Hopeful Kids in a Cynical World."
Other Upcoming Dates
  • March 7 | CYM MidWeek
  • March 11 | CYM Worship & Confirmation
  • March 14 | CYM MidWeek (No Supper)
  • March 17 | Youth Service Day at Cooks
  • March 18 | CYM Worship & Confirmation
  • March 20 | First Priority Club
  • March 21 | CYM MidWeek (Youth Led Night)
  • March 25 | CYM Worship & Confirmation
  • March 27 | First Priority Club
  • March 28 | CYM MidWeek
  • March 29 | Maundy Thursday Service
  • April 1 | Easter- No Youth