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Steel yourself - have you thought about powder for steel?
Powder Coating steel - the do's and don'ts.

Powder coating aluminum is pretty straightforward. There are the AAMA coating specifications that
outline what you can expect from any organic coating applied to aluminum, and warranties up to 20 years are supplied when applied to properly pretreated aluminum by a certified applicator. Easy.

But what about steel?

Navigating coatings for steel is simply not as clear cut, and there are often many questions. Can you use environmentally responsible powder coatings on steel? Are there limitations? Will you get a warranty? Should you spec a primer? Are their limitations on colors and effects?

Check out our ten most frequently asked questions about powder coating steel and the answers you need to ensure your coated steel performs to the highest standards and looks great! Read more...
111 57th, Manhattan. is on the up and features IFS 500FP

With construction well under way at 111 57th Manhattan, this world class tower is reaching for the sky! The gorgeous design is composed of the original landmarked Steinway Hall building, designed in 1925 by Warren and Wetmore, and a new tower addition designed by Shop architects.
Of course it uses IFS high performance architectural products to protect and decorate it. IFS 500FP, the high performance Fluoropolymer from IFS is used to offer the utmost in durability to the façade, and IFS 400SD was chosen for its interior features. A beautiful Café Noir Pearl effect that will glint in the sunlight and truly standout on the Manhattan skyline was created specially for this project.
Can't wait to see it finished!.
Back to school - teach yourself about powder coatings for educational institutions

It doesn't take a genius to work out that powder coatings are an excellent, tough and durable
coating option for schools and educational institutions.

From the ABCs to PhDs, there are so many applications for high performance powders in inspirational colors.

From the ultimate in protection and durability for the building façade to interior powders with additional scratch and mar resistance or anti-microbial additives, read on to discover how you can use powders in your educational design...
Looking for a ZERO VOC, high performance, exterior coating solution?

Look no further.

IFS 500FP, the high performance Fluoropolymer powder coating from IFS delivers zero VOCs and
whole host of other environmental benefits (not to mention EPDs for LEED points!).

Practicing sustainable design without compromising on performance or looks is possible.

Check out the many environmental benefits of using high performance powders and make your sustainability goals a reality.
Simple Powder Coating spec wording available online!

The IFS Coatings website is a wealth of information on high performance powder for architectural applications.

Now there are some simple spec wordings online.

Downloadable in word format so that you can copy and paste into your master spec, there are 3 specs which cover the 3 levels of architectural grade powder coatings.

We appreciate that everyone has their own way of writing a spec so we also have experts available to help you with your wording - whether that's helping with the right language to include powder coatings in your coatings sections, or creating an "and/or" coating spec so that high performance powder or liquid coatings can be included. We're here to help.

Check out the online specs here or contact us for personalized help.
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