Coaches and Managers Information
Fall 2016 Season
Score Reporting
It is the responsibility of the HOME team to report the score of their match each week. All NEP scores need to be reported no later than 10:00 am each Monday morning of the NEP & NEC Fall 2016 season. Scores may be called in or reported on-line. For more information visit this link:    Score Reporting

Who should I contact?

* We don't have a venue or time listed for one of our HOME games?
* The score posted for our game is incorrect.
* We emailed the opposing coach and manager but haven't heard back from them.

Boys teams - Charlie Fuentes:

Girls teams - Eric Slack:

* The information for one of our HOME games is listed incorrectly in GotSoccer?

* You have concerns that your team has been placed incorrectly

Contact your club's Director of Coaching

* A NEP or NEC coach or team is not respecting the expectations for sportsmanship and proper sideline etiquette during a NEP or NEC match.

League Director - Sean Carey:

Suggested Protocol: Week of NEP and NEC Matches

On each TUESDAY during the NEP and NEC Fall 2016 Season the HOME coach or manager should send a courtesy email to the VISITING team's coach and manager recapping the following information:

  • Reminder of schedule for your teams' game (date/field/time)

  • Address/directions to facility

  • Uniform color of home team

  • Any special parking issues at the facility to be used that coming weekend

  • Any other relevant information that will make the game day experience go smoothly for the players, coaches and families involved

Please make sure to remember your referee fees for each NEP and NEC game. It is especially important during our NEP U9/U10 Festival Weekends. Referees will be moving from one match to the next. Having your fees ready helps keep our festivals on time. It also shows a level of respect for our referees and fellow NEP teams, players and coaches. Thank you in advance.

If a referee does not show up for a NEP or NEC U13/U14 game, only the center referee and assistant referee should be paid. DO NOT pay referees the additional fee for the missing referee. If a NEP referee asks for the additional fee please contact our Referee Coordinator:

Paul Anthanasiadis -

It is also important to recognize referees that have done a professional job refereeing our matches. Please make sure to fill out a Referee Evaluation Form after your NEP or NEC match each week.


Neutral Fields
The NEP provides Neutral Fields to help with the travel demands of teams and clubs. These fields also help coaches modify their schedules so they can be available for the teams they coach. Please contact Martyn Emery for more information on available fields:
Team Contact Information
T o find the contact information for the coaches in managers in your bracket visit your team's schedule. On your schedule page, to the right, you will see a link for Team Contact Info

When you click on that link you will be brought to a page that contains the contact information for the coaches and managers in your bracket. See picture to the right.

Rescheduling Protocol
All Rescheduling or Friendly game information must be received by 5:00 pm Tuesday of the week you would like to play.

Referees will not be assigned after Tuesday of each week.

Rescheduling a NEP or NEC game:

1. Contact the team you are scheduled to play on the conflicting date.

2. AGREE on a date, time, and venue for your NEP or NEC game to be rescheduled.


4. Your schedule will then be updated on the NEP or NEC website. Referees will be provided for your agreed upon make up game.

5. If team managers are unable to agree on a date, time, and venue the League Director will assign a date, time, and venue at a neutral site.

NEP & NEC Game Day and Substitution Recommendations
Substitutions will follow FIFA rules which states that players can be subbed at any stoppage in the game including free kicks, corners and opposition stoppages.  

Teams should wear their home Jerseys for NEP or NEC games. If there is a clash in Jersey color, it is the responsibility of the HOME (See suggested protocol above) team to change their colors. Please communicate with opposition manger or check the team pages for more information on the color of your opponent's jersey.  

Rules Modifications for 7v7 Opposition - players to retreat into their own half of the playing field on goal kicks - U9/U10 ONLY - 7v7

Offsides will be played at all ages from U9-U21

NEP Substitution Recommendations and Referee Fees can be found by visiting the link below