Dear Members,

On May 15, the Town of Mansfield will host its Town Meeting. On the warrant is Article III, Chapter 180-16: Plastic Waste Reduction. This article seeks to discourage use of plastic bags by Mansfield businesses through an official ordinance in order to "protect the town's natural beauty and irreplaceable natural resources". This warrant article is sponsored by Team Up Mansfield. PDF of article

Team Up Mansfield is a newly-formed, six member organization comprised of Mansfield residents who are seeking to abolish the use of certain plastic bags in all businesses in the course of one year. At this time, the only exemptions include: "Thin-film plastic bags used for newspapers, produce, meat, bulk foods, wet items and other similar items."

This week, the Economic Development Committee met with Mr. Barry Cioe of Team Up Mansfield to get more information on the ordinance and the potential effects on local businesses. After much discussion and sharing of information, committee members wanted to make sure Mansfield business owners were aware of the article and its restrictions.

Attached you will find the warrant article in its entirety for your review. For more information, members are encourage to contact Mr. Cioe and/or attend Mansfield's Town Meeting on May 15. 

Thanks for doing business with us.


Kara Griffin
Executive Director

Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce 508-339-5655