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We just passed the 100 day mark of the Trump Administration. In modern presidential terms, this is the period when the new executive has the most political and media capital to transform big ideas and campaign promises into policy and legislation. Yet even with one party control of the White House and Congress, the first 100-day milestone of this administration passed without any significant legislative achievement. Given the inter- and intra-party political divisions, it's hard to envision the path forward for something as comprehensive as tax reform. We have to hope that there are some issues on which congress can find common ground during this legislative session.

One campaign promise that is ripe for deal making is a $1 trillion reinvestment in America's infrastructure. At our office recently, I hosted Republican Congressman Bill Shuster (PA), Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Chairman Shuster's committee is ground-zero for all infrastructure legislation. While nothing specific has been offered by the White House yet, Chairman Shuster made clear in his remarks that he wanted to hear from members of both parties when it comes to ideas, projects and needs.

The infrastructure need in this country is great - and should transcend partisan concerns. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) offers an assessment of American infrastructure every four years in The Infrastructure Report Card. For 2017, ASCE gave the U.S. a "D+." The U.S. didn't rank among its top ten countries in a 2015 report on the economic competitiveness of infrastructure by the The World Economic Forum.

An enormous amount of the infrastructure burden has unfairly fallen on states and municipalities due to Washington gridlock. While a recent U.S. News and World Report study ranked Massachusetts number one among states for overall quality of life, our scores on roads and bridges were near the bottom. Even with state ingenuity and resources, there is no substitute for reliable and significant federal investment when it comes to our infrastructure.  

Infrastructure investments can be bipartisan because they are guaranteed job creators and economic stimulators at the state and local level. New revenue and creative financing will be the hurdles to overcome through a bi-partisan coalition of House and Senate lawmakers. The fact is our overall quality of life improves when our transit systems, highways, bridges, airports, water and sewer systems, and power grids are fundamentally sound and ready for the future. Smart roads, modern air traffic control, convenient rail, and reliable utilities make it easier for workers to access jobs, for companies to become more competitive, and for more commerce to flow. And, according to Moody's every $1 spent on new roads, bridges and schools produces more than $1.40 in economic output in the subsequent year.  And as important as infrastructure investment is for today, it is also critical to ensuring that the country remains economically competitive in the future. 

The road to a much-needed infrastructure package is uncertain and Congress and the White House have a lot of work to do to find a way forward, but it is a policy we need and can agree upon. And if infrastructure is on the table, I am confident that Chairman Shuster will find a way to get it done.

Tom O'Neill
Current Events and Expertise
The Path to Tax Reform Will Go Through Massachusetts 
By Director Anthony DeMaio

Washington is working overtime to characterize the president's first 100 days following the April 29th 
milestone. With the spotlight on the White House, it is easy to ignore Capitol Hill. As the 115th  Congress reconvenes after a two-week recess, many Members will be smarting from tough town halls and other public appearances back in their districts. Pressure on Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass legislation is mounting. With the president having outlined his vision for tax reform, it looks like a much-anticipated tax bill will be the next policy item on Congress' agenda.

Is Your Crisis Plan Ready for 2017 Realities
By Director Anthony DeMaio

Running a network enterprise is exceedingly complicated. The global network of an airline like United makes the business particularly fraught. Industry pressures exacerbate problems and translate to frustration for passengers. What happened two weeks ago in Chicago was an unmitigated reputational disaster. Given the nature of the airline business today, passengers are well aware that operational disruptions can happen. However, this incident was extreme in every way. Today's media landscape dictates that carriers need to be prepared with much better protocols than those employed at O'Hare.

Client Spotlight
Total Wine & More Danvers Opening

Attention all wine and beer lovers! On April 26th
, Total Wine & More opened its newest store in Massachusetts, located in the Liberty Tree Mall on Independence Way in Danvers. The chain's newest addition is its fourth store in Massachusetts.
Total Wine & More, the nation's largest independently owned retailer of fine wine, spirit and beer has aisles filled with more than 8,000 wines, 3,000 spirits, and 2,500 beers.
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CEDAC Commits $8.5 Million to Preserve Affordable Housing in Boston's Fenway Neighborhood 

Massachusetts notched another win this month in its continued efforts to preserve affordable housing.  On April 10 th , the  Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation  (CEDAC) announced that it had committed over $8.5 million in financing to Fenway Community Development Corporation (Fenway CDC) to purchase and preserve Burbank Gardens, an existing affordable housing development located in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston. 

This residence is one of many 13A properties whose 40 year mortgage will reach maturity in March 2018, risking tenant displacement and loss of affordable housing. Fenway CDC closed on the purchase of the property on the same day.
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The Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners' Discusses Healthcare Challenges Facing Massachusetts  

On April 5, the Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (MCNP) hosted its annual Health Policy Breakfast, inviting nurse practitioners from across the state to discuss current health care challenges facing the Commonwealth and the goals of their bill, H.2451/S.1257, An Act to Contain Health Care Costs and Improve Access to Value Based Nurse Practitioner Care as Recommended by the IOM and FTC.
H. 2351/S. 1257 will allow nurse practitioners in Massachusetts to practice to the full extent of their education and training and will update the Massachusetts Nurse Practice Act by removing antiquated and unnecessarily restrictive licensing requirements. Despite leading the nation's healthcare reform initiatives, Massachusetts has among the most restrictive and antiquated licensing requirements and is the only New England state that has yet to remove them.
Today at OA
O'Neill and Associates' clients on the move at the 2017 Boston Marathon

O'Neill and Associates is proud to recognize its clients and teams that ran the 2017 Boston Marathon: the  Arredondo Family FoundationHomeStartNational Braille PressProject Hope, and  St. Francis House.
HomeStart had a team of two, including our client Jennifer Sciamanna of RCN, and raised more than $20,000. Project Hope's team of ten runners raised over $100,000; St. Francis House's five runners raised over $63,000; and the Arredondo Family Foundation's seven runners raised over $37,000.
National Braille Press raised over $20,000 with a team of two, including our own account executive Marissa Sullivan (shown in photo).
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