March 31, 2011 
 inside Art at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery New Orleans
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 Halcyon Days, New Works by Justin Forbes
 Opening in the Middle Gallery This Saturday 6-9pm

jf Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is proud to present Halcyon Days, new paintings by Justin Forbes in his first solo exhibition with the gallery in over ten years. The exhibition opens on Saturday April 2, 2011 with with an artist reception from 6-9 pm, in conjunction with the annual Jammin' on Julia street part, and will run through May 8, 2011.

Halcyon Days features a new series of Forbes' oil paintings - his first major body of work since Hurricane Katrina drove him from New Orleans in late 2005, as he became a permanent evacuee - a victim of the storm and its aftermath. This exhibition marks his triumphant return to New Orleans and is his first gallery exhibition in over seven years.

Justin Forbes paints in a vivid, almost psychedelic palette; his work combines an Alice Neel-like surrealism with the American nostalgia in the vein of Edward Hopper and Thomas Hart Benton. The result is a frenetic, emotion-infused recording of subterranean culture.

Forbes says of this new body of work:

In my work, I try to evoke a hipstamatic memory drawn from the inner vaults of our childlike subconscious residing behind protected firewalls. It is this shared experience,, this muscle memory in dream or reality that I hope to capture. Through specific attention to genuine details and characters as they interact, I attempt to create a stylized personal mythology that both appeals to the side of us that becomes teary-eyed and giddy with the teen-aged thrill of something new, and leaves us haunted by the childhood psychodrama of something old, fervently capturing compressed moments in life that come as close to the reverie of actual experience as possible within the finite dimensions of a canvas.

Justin Forbes has been enjoying his artistic pursuits for most of his life. Born in Hollywood to a professional photographer and a professional dancer, he was exposed to art at a young age and it was his first love, career, and lifestyle.

Forbes' work is narrative and autobiographical in nature. His life and his art overlap as many events and dreams make their way into his large, saturated settings. Forbes seems to invite the viewer to watch a performance and be a part of the intensity as they are challenged by character elements staring out at the audience. Color, light and shadow are integral elements in his richly layered oils. There is a sense of irony along side the often brutally honest story lines alluded to in Forbes' compositions. There is a sense of familiarity with his characters as the viewer senses that they "know" people in his portraits and vividly painted "snapshots" of the scenes of a world that intersects real life and a hipster fantasy. Forbes strives for a perfect energetic yet loose mastery of detail and mood as he exaggerates perspective as if the world is being viewed through a wide angle lens.

Justin Forbes' work has been exhibited in New York, San Francisco and New Orleans. His work has been featured Juxtapoz Magazine, ART Papers, Tribe Magazine, the current issue of Twisted South and is slated to be on the HBO series Treme. Forbes has also done illustrations for Hustler magazine.

Justin Forbes' paintings are in numerous public and private collections including the Michael Brown and Linda Green Collection, Actress Sela Ward, TV commercial producer T.G. Herrington, publishing magnate Larry Flynt, Debora and Paul Lipman and the permanent collection of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

To view works from Halcyon Days, please click here.


Justin Forbes

McQueen's Blvd. (2011)
Oil on canvas
24 x 36 in.


 Krista Jurisich Continues Through April 20th
 "The Theatre of Cultural Strata": A Visual Journey of Urban Archeology and Cultural Veneer

kj "The Theatre of Cultural Strata"
A Visual Journey of Urban Archeology and Cultural Veneer

New Mixed Media Works by Krista Jurisich

continues through April 21, 2011

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is pleased to present The Theatre of Cultural Strata featuring new mixed media works and photography by Krista Jurisich in her first solo exhibition with the gallery.

"The Theatre of Cultural Strata"
A Visual Journey of Urban Archeology and Cultural Veneeris a topographical excavation of New Orleans culture. Krista Jurisich has unearthed artifacts old (ancient oysters dug up on Bank Street; irradiated relics found in the Carondelet Pass) and new (graffiti on the walls of a South Claiborne KFC) to inform and structure this body of work, which gives a colorful look at the layers of cultural strata that builds up New Orleans history.

Krista Jurisich has been working as a professional artist since receiving her MFA from The University of New Orleans in 1978. Ms. Jurisich received her BFA from The Atlanta College of Art.

Between the 1980's and the early 1990's Ms. Jurisich was commissioned and collected by various corporations, museums and private individuals including The Verlaine Collection, The New Orleans Museum of Art/ Millendorf Collection, The Arts Council of Atlanta, Freeport Mc Moran, Westminister City Properties, Georgia Pacific and Atlantic Richfield in Los Angeles.

Her work has been exhibited in Bethesda, Maryland, St. Louis, Missouri, Atlanta, GA and in California and New Orleans.

Selected collections include Denzel Washington, Actor, Los Angeles, CA, Tony Scott, Director Santa Monica, CA,Paul Cameron, Director of Photography, Los Angeles, CA, Arts Council of New Orleans, LA, Michael Sartisky, New Orleans, LA, The Verlaine Collection New Orleans, LA, Freeport McMoran New Orleans, LA, New Orleans Museum of Art and the Millendorf Collection New Orleans, LA.

To view works from "The Theatre of Cultural Strata", please click here.


Krista Jurisich

The Forest Through the Trees
Mixed Media
42 x 46 in.


 Skylar Fein At Brooklyn Museum
 Major Fein Work Centerpiece of New Installation at BMA

broma Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is pleased to announce that a major work by Skylar Fein is the centerpiece of a new installation at the Brooklyn Museum of Art from March 23 through August, 2011.

Black Lincoln for Dooky Chase, (2010) an acrylic on plaster and wood work was acquired by the museum for the permanent collection at the Pulse Fair in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach in December.

The installation was recently featured in Robin Cembalest's ART News blog. Cembalest is the executive editor of ARTnews

To read "I Got You Abe" by Robin Cembalest, please click here.

From the museum's press release:

Installation of Skylar Fein Mixed Media Portrait with Related Works on View At the Brooklyn Museum March 23 through August, 2011

A recent work by Skylar Fein titled Black Lincoln for Dooky Chase will be on view at the Brooklyn Museum from March 23 through August 2011 as the centerpiece of an installation including related works from the permanent collection. In Fein's 2010 work he overlays a silhouette portrait of Abraham Lincoln on a panel created to resemble an old wall menu from Dooky Chase, a well-known New Orleans Creole and soul food restaurant.

Painted in acrylic on plaster and wood, Fein's portrait will be displayed alongside such works as an 1871 marble bas-relief profile of Lincoln, early nineteenth-century cut-paper silhouettes by French artist August Edouart, and Kara Walker's 2005 Cotton Hoards in Southern Swamp (from Harper Pictorial History of the Civil War).

Skylar Fein, a resident of New Orleans since 2005, believes that Lincoln's opposition to slavery was shaped by a trip that he took as a teenager to New Orleans, which was then the center of the slave trade. Fein's use of the silhouette taps into a long visual tradition, examples of which are included in the installation.

The silhouette was popularized in eighteenth-century Europe and soon caught on in the United States. Figures and profile portrait heads were cut from black card and set against a white ground or, in some instances, painted on glass. Evocative of the antebellum period and offering a graphic contrast of black and white the silhouette has inspired explorations of racial issues by contemporary artists such as Fein and Kara Walker.

A native of New York, Skylar Fein (born 1968) was a participant in Prospect.1 New Orleans, the 2008 biennial curated by Dan Cameron. His Remember the Upstair Lounge, a multimedia installation about a disastrous 1973 New Orleans fire at a gay bar that killed thirty-two and injured dozens, received broad critical acclaim. His work as been the subject of solo exhibitions, including the 2009 exhibition Skylar Fein: Youth Manifesto at New Orleans Museum of Art, and is represented in public and private collections.

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is located at
200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York
T(718) 638-5000

For more information, please visit the museum website at


Brooklyn Museum and Installation View of Skylar Fein Black Lincoln for Dooky Chase, 2010

Acrylic on plaster and wood
68 x 44 in.
Permanent Collection Brooklyn Museum of Art

To see more available works by Skylar Fein, please click here.


 Gina Phillips, Skylar Fein and Dan Tague in Marfa
 The World According to New Orleans Curated by Dan Cameron at Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, TX


The World According to New Orleans, curated by Dan Cameron , featuring three JFG artists, Skylar Fein, Gina Phillips and Dan Tague opened at Ballroom Marfa March 18-20th and will continue through August 14, 2011.

The opening on the 18th saw over 500 guests come through the exhibition (from as far away as Zurich.) The subsequent curator walk through by Dan Cameron was also well attended. And, artist Dan Tague did a reading at the famous Marfa Book Company from the new book of haikus written by Lusher School students he published entitled "Bons Enfants". All and all it is a fabulous exhibition and the opening was tremendously successful.

About the Show

This spring, Ballroom Marfa will collaborate with curator Dan Cameron on The World According to New Orleans, a curatorial examination of the art and visual culture of New Orleans, with a particular focus on areas of overlap between self-taught and avant-garde tendencies. New Orleans' location at the geographic fringe of the continental United States, in close proximity to Cuba, Haiti, and Mexico, has generated a unique blend of distinctions between artistic genres and vernacular traditions, and each of the artists in the exhibition has produced work that in some way challenges many of these time-worn distinctions. The exhibition includes work by several artists who were self-taught, as well as documentary photographs and film that examine neighborhood and community expressions.



18 MARCH 2011 - 14 AUGUST 2011

For this major exhibition, Skylar Fein is showing three new flag works, two on paper and one on board. Gina Phillips will present a major fabric work and paintings as well. And, Dan Tague is showing a new collaged paper work of 216 - 4x6 inch cut maps with graphite rubbings of NOLA street letters collaged on a 6 x 6 ft paper work to make street name poetry. The piece is also replicated in an outdoor installation in the Ballroom Marfa's courtyard. The exterior work entitled "Belle Promenade" consists of cut steel letters of NOLA street names that Tague arranged as street name poetry. The entire installation isover 50 ft. wide and 90 ft in length. As a part of the outdoor instalation, Tague is showing a sound performance work that features over 100 Lusher Elementary students reading Haikus they wrote about what is great about living in New Orleans. These are broadcast over the courtyard speaker system with the sounds carrying off into the High West Texas Desert.

For more information on Ballroom Marfa, please click here

For more information about the exhibition, please click here

To view selected works from the exhibition and opening night pictures, please click here.


 JFG News
 Paul Villinski in House Beautiful, Skylar Fein in LA, Gina Phillips and Skylar Fein at NOMA and Dan Tague on Art Threat, Brian Borrello Residency and Sidonie Villere in NYC


Paul Villinski in April House Beautiful

A beer can butterfly installation by artist Paul Villinski is featured in an article in this month's House Beautiful. The installation is created from found beer cans that are transformed into a butterflies that ascend the wall.

To see more installations by Villinski, please click here.


Skylar Fein in LA

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is proud to announce that Western Project (Culver City, CA) will present the first West coast exhibition by Skylar Fein. Titled: Skylar Fein: Black Flag.

From Western Project release on the show:

Fein's work is staunchly political and roots itself in revolutionary histories, and the notion of revolution. This particular grouping is based in the German Revolution of 1919, using quotes from German activist leader Rosa Luxemburg and Russian pioneer film documentarian and theorist, Dziga Vertov. Drawing parallels in purpose, Fein channels possible connections between revolutionary ideals and action, and artistic ideals and practice. In The Last Words of Rosa Luxemgurg, the quote: "I was, I am, I shall be!" is emblemized and lit up as a victorious monument. Fein's Vertov Telegram recreates a purported message sent from Vertov to fellow radical Luxemborg in support of her work on the liberal front; a call to consciousness and action for the over throw of the status quo. Fein plays history and myth together to mount an assault on passive cultural thinking, much in line with the punk movement of the 1970's and early 1980's. The American flag construction, Black Flag for Herbert Marcuse uses the last words from the Jewish German philosopher Herbert Marcuse's 1964 book, One Dimensional Man, both works denouncing consumerism as a form of social control.

Fein's work is dark, predominantly black in color, made of wood and low tech materials, mirroring his DIY ideals. Yet humor is an important tool also; in a table top tableau of books called, Issues, the titles, Mom Issues, Drug Issues, God Complex, Oversharing, Undertow, etc bring the conceptual back to home base. His targets are the subjective personal to the social public - his work a provocative tonic to the decline of critical thinking, action and freedom in the West.

For more information about Skylar Fein Black Flag at Western Project, please click here.


Gina Phillips and Skylar Fein at NOMA

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is pleased to announce that the New Orleans Museum of Art is now exhibiting works by JFG artist Gina Phillips and Skylar Fein in their contemporary galleries. The works went on view this week and will be up through September.

Pictured right:

(On the Floor)

Skylar Fein<br>
Cassette Tape The Dead Kennedys
Cassette Tape Youth Manifesto
Cassette Tape The Clash

All works screen print on paper, wood, acrylic

Generously Loaned from the Collection of Paul J. Leaman, Jr.

(Figures on Wall)

Gina Phillips


Machine Stitched Cloth


Alice King
Machine Stitched Cloth


Also this Friday at NOMA

New Orleans Museum of Art Director's Dialogue presented by J.P. Morgan

Conversations with some of America's Top Museum Directors

The New Orleans Museum of Art's (NOMA's) centennial year is an opportunity to examine the past and present in order to prepare for the future. Director Susan M. Taylor invites innovators in art museums to discuss the issues of diversity, technology, education, permanent collections and new audience development. Join us for this Director's Dialogue in NOMA's Stern Auditorium for a one-on-one with these esteemed museum directors to talk about future museum initiatives and national cultural issues.

Friday, April 1, 2011 - 6pm
Stern Auditorium at NOMA
Maxwell L. Anderson
Indianapolis Museum of Art


Dan Tague on ART THREAT

Art Threat, the culture and poltiics blog and magazine, recently interviewed artist Dan Tague at the VOLTa Fair during Armory Week in New York.

To read the article on Art Threat

"Dan Tague shows money can speak"
by Amanda McCuaig
please click here.

Dan Tague's upcoming solo exhibition May I Have A Revolution Please goes up on April 23rd with a reception to meet the artist on Saturday May 7th from 6-9pm.

To see more available works by Dan Tague, please click here.


Brian Borrello Residency

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is pleased to announce that JFG, Portland-based, artist Brian Borrello has been selected for a year-long residency with the King County (WA) Parks and Recreation Division focused on the Regional Trails System (RTS).

Borrello is charged with developing an arts master plan that includes an overarching scheme/ethos that can help articulate the identity of this unique amenity, as well as defining a long term and synergistic approach to public art programming within the RTS, including the formation of recommendations for the inclusion of artworks in multiple media and in specific locations.

To read more about this development in Borrello's career, please click here.

To see available works by Brian Borrello, please click here.


Sidonie Villere in NYC

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is pleased to announce that Sidonie Villere's work has been selected to be a part of a current exhibition at Cynthia Volk Asian Art Gallery (212 East 57th Street New York)

The exhibition entitled White on White is a selection of white wares from the Tang through Qing Dynasties paired with contemporary works. The exhibition runs March 19- Saturday April 2, 2011

About the show:

Cynthia Volk Asian Art will be presenting a broad selection of white wares for this year's Asia Week. The exhibit entitled White on White will feature white glazed ceramics from varying kilns from the Tang through the Qing dynasties. White glazed wares were the earliest true porcelains and were made in northern China toward the end of the Tang dynasty (618-907) and have been made continuously ever since. Monochromatic white glazes do not allow for flaws and so must be formed, glazed and fired with particular care. Among the highlights of this exhibit is a large Tang dynasty ovoid white glazed ewer, an exquisitely formed, undecorated Dingyao bowl, a 17th c. inscribed Blanc de Chine wine cup and a boisterous pair of Blanc de Chine 18th c. Buddhist Lions.

Gallery Information:

Telephone: 212 935 4382
Hours: Monday through Saturday 10-6

To see more works by Sidonie Villere, please click here.



 15th Annual No Dead Artists National Juried Exhibition
 National Call For Artists Now Open

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery announces the 15th edition of the Annual No Dead Artists National Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Art. The exhibition is co-presented by, the First Art Newspaper on the Net.

The No Dead Artists exhibition was founded in 1995 to give a voice to emerging artists. The exhibition's name is derived from the old adage that artists never achieve success until they are dead. No Dead Artists turns that notion on its head and gives emerging artists their first break in the art world.

In the 90's, the exhibition was open only to New Orleans artists and subsequently grew to include artists of Louisiana. In 2010, the exhibition expanded to become a national juried exhibition open to artists from the entire US and ArtDaily came on board to further broadcast the jury winning works to the world, thus giving these emerging artists an even great voice.

The exhibition has been a springboard for numerous artists leading to national press coverage, recognition, gallery representation and acquisitions by museums and other prominent collections. Each year gallery owner Jonathan Ferrara invites a panel of renowned arts professional and collectors to select the newest creative talents.

Past jurors have included Prospect.1 Founder and Curator Dan Cameron, Weisman Foundation Director Billie Milam Weisman, Collector and Philanthropist Beth Rudin DeWoody, MacArthur Fellow John Scott, Whitney Trustee and Ballroom Marfa Co-founder Fairfax Dorn and artist Tony Fitzpatrick.

For the 15th edition, three renowned arts professionals have been tapped for the 2011 No Dead Artists jury:

Collector and Arts Philanthropist Toby Devan Lewis
New Orleans Museum of Art Director Susan Taylor
21c Museum Director William Morrow.

The Jurors

Toby Devan Lewis is a philanthropist, art collector, author and curator. For more than twenty years Lewis amassed a collection of art works by emerging artists for the Progressive Corporation, the nation's third largest auto insurer. This collection, now numbers more than 6300 works and has been rated as one of the country's top collections by Art and Auction magazine. Lewis' philanthropy includes major gifts to the New Museum of New York, where she is an active member of its Board of Trustees. She also serves on the boards of the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cleveland Film Society. She is the founding benefactor of Prospect New Orleans, the premiere biennial of international contemporary art in the U.S. She is the 2007 recipient of the Martha Joseph Prize for Distinguished Service to the Arts. In 2004 she was the recipient of the Award of Excellence from the International Association of Professional Art Advisors in 2004, and in 1998 she was honored by the New Museum for her "significant contribution in bringing the visual arts and creative experience to the work environment." In 2009, she was honored by ArtTable in New York for her contributions to the arts. Toby Lewis' interest in the arts is constantly challenge how we look and perceive our world and underlines both her professional career and her commitment to the arts and ideas.

William Morrow manages the private collection of Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, and has been the Director of 21c Museum, Louisville, KY since 2006. Part of the 21c Museum Hotel, the museum brings contemporary art to the public through innovative exhibitions and programs that integrate art into daily life. Morrow is one of the founding board members of the Kentucky School of Art and a founding member of the Commission on Public Art, Louisville, KY. He received his MA in Art History and English Literature from the University of St Andrews and an MA in Museum Studies from School of World Art and Museum Studies, University of East Anglia Norwich, England. 21c Museum is North America's first museum dedicated solely to collecting and exhibiting art of the 21st century. The 9,000-square-foot Museum, part of 21c Museum Hotel, was opened in 2006 and is committed to bringing works of art to the public through innovative exhibitions and programs that integrate contemporary art into daily life. The exhibitions and installations of 21c Museum weave into the fabric of the hotel and the surrounding streetscape, with works of art filtering into both public space and unexpected places.

Susan Taylor has been the Director of the New Orleans Museum of Art since September 2010 and has been a museum director for over twenty years, having led the Davis Museum and Cultural Center at Wellesley College for 12 years and the Princeton University Art Museum for eight years. At Princeton she is well known for instituting wide-ranging innovations in collections development, planning, programming and outreach. She is also deeply involved in the ongoing debate about collection ownership and cultural property issues, having successfully resolved several ownership claims for works of art in Princeton's collection. She founded new curatorial departments in the areas of Education and Academic Programming, American Art, and Modern and Contemporary Art and strengthened the museum's collections, and oversaw the development of an ambitious exhibition and education program that effectively reached campus, national and international audiences. Taylor is the former director of the Davis Museum and Cultural Center at Wellesley College. During her twelve-year tenure at Wellesley, she oversaw the construction of an award-winning museum facility designed by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. She holds art history degrees from Vassar College and the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. She serves on boards and committees of many professional organizations including the Getty Museum and the Frances Lehman Loeb Arts Center at Vassar College. She holds art history degrees from Vassar College and the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University.

The No Dead Artists submission period is open from March 1, 2011 thru June 15, 2011. The exhibition is open to all mediums including painting, sculpture, glass, metal work, photography, video, mixed media and installation art.

The jury winners are featured in widely attended exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans from September 1 through September 24, 2011. Selected jury winners are also featured in articles published on written by art critic D.Eric Bookhardt (ArtPapers and Gambit Weekly New Orleans).

New Orleans

New Orleans has become a destination for contemporary visual art and is considered one of the hotbeds of creative talent in the US. With exhibitions like Prospect Biennial, the national and international focus on New Orleans and its arts scene has increased dramatically from both a critical and collector perspective. With its rich cultural heritage and its unique indigenous creativity, the city and its arts scene are poised for continued success.

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Jonathan Ferrara Galley is a collective environment of creative visions; a commercial gallery with a public conscience. Artist, activist, and entrepreneur Jonathan Ferrara opened the gallery in 1998 to give emerging artists a voice. Since its inception, the gallery has focused on cutting edge works by local, national and international artists with a sense of purpose, mission, and message. In recent years, it has gained a national reputation and increasingly presents artists and exhibitions in cities across the US including the Pulse Fair in Miami and VOLTA NY Fair in New York.

For more information, please contact the gallery via email at

Applications can be downloaded from the gallery's website by clicking here.



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