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The complexities of gay life in modern China collide at the event where Andy and Cherry first meet-a "fake marriage fair" in Shanghai, where a new, cosmopolitan generation of gay men and lesbian women seek to make a deal with a spouse of the opposite sex. Homosexuality has only recently become legal in China, but morally and practically, life is still difficult. People in Andy and Cherry's generation, the result of the "one child" policy, are under an unbearable pressure to meet the demands of their parents and grandparents. INSIDE THE CHINESE CLOSET is a humorous and compassionate portrait of modern gay life, the eternally difficult relationship between parents and children, and the social, cultural, and moral beliefs in flux in China today.

Now more than ever, these stories about the LGBT community on a global and local level are significant to promote diversity, inclusion and tolerance. A critical film for classrooms and discussions related to Global Studies, Human Rights, International Law and Gender Studies. 

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