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Working with Individuals


Dear friends and colleagues,

Whew! It's been many months since I've written to you all, and it's been a very busy time.

My family and I moved from an apartment in Cambridge to a house in the next town over, Belmont. What with house hunting, buying, renovating, and selling our old place -- and work and family responsibilities -- something had to give, which was the Insight Improv book and Lab.

The time off gave me the opportunity to reflect and plan. I've revised the structure of Part IV of the book, condensing seven chapters to three to focus on what's most important. With the dust from the move settled, I have rolled up my sleeves and returned to writing.

Beginning with July's Lab, we will embark on Part IV of the Insight Improv book, which looks at applications in a variety of settings, including individual therapy and group workshops, theater processes, international programs and activities for children.

The first chapter, "Working with Individuals," details how Insight Improvisation can be applied in individual psychotherapy.

In my private practice, I use Insight Improv to foster growth and change by combining four different modalities: talk, meditation, drama therapy, and coaching.

In July's Lab, we'll demonstrate this approach by conducting sample one-to-one Insight Improv therapy sessions, with Q&A and discussion following each.

This will be a chance for individuals to experience a short sample Insight Improv session, and for the group to observe this approach to therapy in action, and reflect on it afterward.

As always, the Lab is free of charge and is a great opportunity to spend an afternoon with a group of warm, creative, like-minded individuals.

New day, time, and location: Please join us Saturday, July 9, from 2:00-5:30PM, at 22 Hartley Rd, in Belmont MA. Details below.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


p.s. -- Belmont is right next door to Cambridge and easy to get to by public transport -- take bus 74 & 75 from Harvard Sq to the Bright Rd stop and my home is a 4 minute walk -- or use Uber, taxi, etc. If the weather is nice, we're about a half-hour walk from Alewife MBTA station. For those driving, feel free to park anywhere on the street.
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New chapters available:

* Read and comment on the draft of "Working with Individuals":

* Read the final draft of "Psolodrama Alone":

* For more info on the Insight Improv Lab and Book, including workshop dates and links to all chapters, please visit:



September 3, 2016: Facilitating Workshops

Our penultimate Lab, "Facilitating Workshops," highlights ideas and activities from Insight Improvisation one can apply and teach in group settings.

Over the years, leading numerous workshops in the US -- as well as in Thailand, South Korea, India, and China -- a set of approaches has evolved to introducing groups to drama therapy in general and more specifically to Insight Improv. These include:

- Unique exercises designed to bring individuals in groups closer, helping create the intimacy and safety needed to do personal work in a group setting
- Ways of working in pairs and small groups and having that work feed back into the group as a whole
- Wisdom about leading workshops in other languages and with different cultures

In September's Lab, we will practice, explore, and discuss these exercises and approaches. This Lab is for those interested in designing and/or leading their own workshops and classes, those who would like to teach in other countries, and for those interested in learning and teaching Insight Improvisation.

Please join us Saturday, September 3rd, 2:00-5:30PM, at 22 Hartley Rd in Belmont, MA.

Joel Gluck, MEd, RDT is a drama therapist, meditator, theatre artist, and executive coach who offers individual and couple therapy, workshops, clinical training, and coaching for performers and professionals throughout the world. 

Insight Improv Lab Details

* Saturday, July 9, 2:00-5:30PM
* Please arrive a little early as front entrance may be locked after we start.

* 22 Hartley Road, Belmont, MA
* 4-minute walk from Bright Road bus stop (bus 74/75 from Harvard Sq)
* Free street parking -- no permit needed

* Please dress to move, in loose, comfortable clothes.
* Optional: water bottle, journal & pen

Please Note: 
* In order to help create a safe therapeutic container, participants are asked to attend only if they can be present for the entire workshop.
* This workshop, although therapeutic in nature, is not a psychotherapy group. Participants must have the ability to hold and support their own emotional process.
* This session is appropriate for ages 21 and older.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or to learn more about the program.  

RSVP: Let us know you're coming by e-mail or on Facebook -- 

NEW time & place:
July 9
Belmont, MA

"Thank you so much for your teaching and guidance here this help others become more whole and present in this journey of life. I will remember that I sang despite saying that I would not. I will remember how I returned to a brave part of myself. You really created an atmosphere that encouraged and cultivated courage. Anything is possible."