Join Us at AMCON Show
October 18-19, 2016
Salt Lake City
Booth# 208

IP Tech will be exhibiting at Amcon Salt lake City.  We invite you to stop by to see the latest in Automation Solutions featuring:   Universal Robots, MIR, Robotiq, LMI and Microscan .

MiR100 Video

In-Position Technologies uses Universal Robots riding on the back of a MIR mobile robot to automate a bucket loading process.

Long Term Financing Now Available
IP Tech now offers financing on Universal Robots and other products. Download our long term financing credit application 

Microscan Video

Microscan LVS Barcode and
Print Quality Verifiers

Inspect the Smallest Features at an Unrivaled 6 Micron X Resolution

The new Gocator 2400 Series 2-megapixel camera technology scans, detects and measures micro-features that the competition can't even see-all with a wide field of view and fast scan speeds that can easily handle production speed.
DOWNLOAD the Comparison Chart and see how the Gocator 2400 Series
stacks up against the Keyence LJ-V7000 Series

Easily and Flexibly Automate Your Internal Transport

Increases the operational efficiency of transport tasks

MiR100 is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot for automation of internal transport and logistics solutions. The robot optimizes workflows, freeing up staff resources and allowing you to increase productivity while reducing costs.
MiR100 belongs to a new generation of advanced mobile robots which gives you a rapid return on investment, often with a payback period of less than a year. Technology enables the robot to either "identify" its driving area and surroundings or import 3D drawings of the building layout

Buy a Robot NOW and Write Off the Cost 

Use our financing to buy a robot now and take advantage of IRS section 179 tax deduction now to write off the cost of the robot. 

Put your UR Robot to work by year end and receive a tax deduction on your purchase. Learn more about using 179 tax deductions.

Introducing the New XT - Parker Xpress PowerStation

Going far beyond a traditional HMI

Parker is pleased to announce the release of the XT - Parker's Xpress™ PowerStation. The XT comes pre-loaded with the next iteration of Parker's award winning runtime and development software, Xpress 4.1.

The XT was designed with the Industrial user in mind. The XT is a fully solid state device with impressive 15G peak shock and 5-500 Hz vibration ratings. Its fanless design prevents unexpected machine downtime due to fan failure-the most common failure mode of HMI products. 

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