Happy New Year 
May this year be filled with health, happiness, peace  
and the desire to live a healthy, positive, lifestyle
that lasts through out the coming year.

A Poem to Live By

Speak less, listen more
Say less, do more
Worry less, work more
Ride less, walk more
Eat less, chew more
Start less, finish more
Correct less, prevent more
Blame less, forgive more
Wrestle less, embrace more
Compete less, cooperate more
Take less, give more
Have less, be more
Frown less, laugh more


Thank you for all your support, commitment, motivation and love.
You all inspire me each and every day and I look forward to another amazing year ahead.

Lisa Fallon Mindel CHHP AADP
Whole Body Beautiful

My New Year recipe is  

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