"When you are grateful, fear disappears
and abundance appears." - Anthony Robbins
Most people don't live their lives focusing on gratitude; they single out the bad, the negative, or at times play into the "victim mentality". 
Gratitude grows the more we use it. It helps stop negative thought patterns, promotes positive emotions, and can help improve your health and over all wellness. Allow yourself to be happier, more content and grateful for your life.

Tips to help you be more grateful: 
  • Live in the moment
Don't just go through the motions, relish the feeling and the moment you are in. Savor it. 
  • Be content and don't compare
The happiest people are those who are appreciative with what they have now and not comparing themselves to others. It is not easy at times because that is what we are programed to do, but that is a sure way to rob you of your self worth. 
  • Use your words
By using positive, enlightening, and motivating words you will feel more grateful. Even mentally, stop the negative chatter. Negativity or stressful words trigger a feeling of worthlessness and should be avoided. 
  • Helping others
Helping others not only makes us feel good but it also shows us the value in our own lives. Donating your time, energy, education, money, whatever it takes, big or small will make an impact not only to someones life but to your own. 
  • Keep a gratitude Journal
A simple word or two a day for what you are grateful for is all that's needed. It will keep you aware and present on the positive.
You can even create a board of people and experiences that you
find you are grateful for. 
  • Share your gratitude
"Feeling your gratitude and not expressing it is lik e
wrapping a present and not giving it"    - William Arthur Ward

Gratefully yours,
Lisa Fallon Mindel CHHP AADP
Whole Body Beautiful

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