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I was in the shower, this time cleaning, rather than bathing, when I got the inspiration for this story. I was thinking about the name, Embody Zest, which is my friend Alyce Morgan's Pilates/Franklin Method/Aerial Yoga and all around fun new place to exercise and learn about oneself in Lafayette, LA.

Then I thought about when I was the executive director of a non-profit organization, overworked and underpaid, and at the same time my mom was in the mid-late stages of Alzheimer's disease, and I was definitely not feeling zestful.

At that time, I was in contact with a dance teacher who rented studio space from our nonprofit and who truly embodied zest. Her outgoing phone message declared, "Have a beautiful day!" and it used to bug me. I wasn't having a beautiful day, and I didn't appreciate her telling me to have one.

While I am sure I would have benefited from visiting a studio like Embody Zest or the dance class that this wonderful teacher offered, I was not in a personal space that allowed me to check it out and stay with it.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have found a way to work with a life coach. Someone to be my sounding board, to help me look at the organization in new ways and explore a variety of options for working with the board and staff. Someone to listen with compassion when I talked about my fears and guilt surrounding my mom.

I got through that tough time, and now I embrace zest in my life. I am also able to help others who may not be ready for zest or may want to look for ways to bring more joy into their lives.

The Lafayette Public Libraries' theme for the summer is "Escape the Ordinary." In the workshops that I am leading at the library, I use this theme to help participants look at how they might "kick it up a notch" this summer. If you live in Lafayette and are interested, come join me at one of the final two workshops and discover where you find inspiration.

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Public Library workshops entitled, "Kick It Up a Notch:"


Wednesday, July 8, 6 pm, East Regional Library

Thursday, July 11, 11 am, Main Library (The newly renovated downtown library is now open!)  


To read more about Embody Zest studio in Lafayette, LA, here is an article I wrote about it in The Independent.


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