"The world is but a canvas for our imagination."
Henry David Thoreau  
It's funny where inspiration comes from. Many of my posts are sparked by conversations that remind me of something I have forgotten about. Or a friend's comment may make me look at something familiar in a different way.

That's what happened with Iris Caldwell. You and I have known of her forever. We have joyfully sung about her hundreds of times.

Here's her story. When Iris was a teenager, she was hired as a dancer at a nightclub to demonstrate a new dance move. A young man in the band was so taken with her that he went home and wrote a song. It's kind of catchy, and that young man went on to become the most successful singer-songwriter in history.

The opening line of the song is still awesome and pretty much say it all:

"Well she was just seventeen
You know what I mean
And the way she looked
Was way beyond compare
So how could I dance with another,
Oh, when I saw her standing there."

So, keep your eyes peeled, you never know when inspiration will hit you. Or vice versa. You might be the inspiration or the inspired, or both. Anyway, Paul McCartney thought so.

And I won't tell anybody if you want to belt out the happy line above just for the fun of it.

I did, several times while writing this post.

It's kind of catchy.
- Hank Frazee, Author of  Referral Upgrade   and  Before We Say "Goodnight"
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