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Reach Students with Customized Messages About Careers

Inspire offers employers a number of powerful tools to connect with their future workforce. One sometimes overlooked tool is targeted messaging. By clicking on "connect with students" once you're logged into your Inspire (Career Cruising) account, you'll come to the screen where you can send messages on career and academic-related subjects to distinct groups of students. For example, your message might inform students about in-demand careers at your company or in your industry, summer-jobs you offer, or scholarships or experiential learning activities that you provide.

Target Your Messages

You can target your message using our filtering capabilities by selecting schools, counties, grade levels and gender of the students you want to reach. From there you can narrow your results by filtering for students who have saved particular careers and/or career clusters to their Career Cruising profile and to students who have already indicated they are interested in your company. After you activate each filter, you will see an aggregate number of students who fit the criteria you entered. 

Once you're done with the filters, enter the subject and text of your message. Next, click "preview" to view your message before submitting it. Depending on how many students you are sending your message to, it make take a while to load and send. Don't close the browser tab before it's done!

Schools across our region are utilizing Career Cruising to help students build a portfolio of their Academic and Career Planning (ACP) activities. Keep in mind that the filtered results will become more robust as more students build their portfolios in accordance with their school's implementation of ACP and use of Career Cruising. 

The Inspire team at MadREP is also happy to work with you to craft messages and send them through our system as well. Below is a screenshot of the messaging tool and example of how you could use this tool to reach your future workforce:

High Schoo l Exit Interviewers Neede d!  Volunteer to Interview  Mad ison Metropolitan S chool District Students Ab out Identity, Goals, and Future Aspirations

Dear Inspire Madison Region Business Partners,

We are looking for volunteers to interview Madison Metropolitan School District 7th
through 10th grade students about their identity, goals, plans, and future aspirations.  The purpose of these interviews is to give students an opportunity to share with an adult what they have learned about themselves, their growth, and future emerging plans as part of the Academic and Career Planning process. You will provide students feedback during the interview and via a feedback form. 

There are several events and MMSD school locations to choose from. After you indicate your interest and availability in one or more of these events, a school-based coordinator will contact you to provide you more details and specific instructions about the event. Thanks so much for supporting MMSD students in their journey to become who and what they want to be! 

To select the events you would like to participate in, please complete this  Google Form.

Contact Julia Steege-Reimann, Academic and Career Planning Coordinator, with questions. Her email is

Career Coach Message Board Highlight: Bricklayer/Stonemason

Student Question:

Where should I go to school for this?

Career Coach Answer:
Weston - Glad to hear that you're interested in getting into the trades. The best way to get into the bricklayer/stonemason trade would be to get into the apprenticeship program after High School. There are two guys that are in charge of the Fond Du Lac region. Randy Weytens - _______@ and Wynn Jones - _______@ You should get in contact with them to see what you need to accomplish during High School to enter the apprentice program. Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions. Sean 

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Inspire Status Update

The Inspire team along with help from its partners in education and business continues to make great progress growing the initiative. Take a look at our latest data.
Counties served: Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Green, Iowa, Jefferson, Sauk (Crawford, Grant, Lafayette, Richland counties are in the process of adding schools and employers)
Inspire Feature
Current as of 03.22.17
# of Employer Profiles
308 (goal was 250 by April 2017)
# of Online Career Coaches
347 (goal was 275 by April 2017)
# of Careers with At Least One Coach
# of Careers Profiled in Career Cruising
# of Experiential Learning Activities Offered by Participating Employers

In the month of February Our Top Performing Schools and Other Activity Levels:

System-wide Data as of Feb 28, 2017

Users with Access to Inspire
Current Total as of 03.17.17
School Districts and other Outlets with Access
42 active (goal was 40 by April 2017)
Students with Access
39,075 (up from approximately 35,546 in January 2017)
Student Portfolios with a Saved Career 17,837 (up from 16,898 in January 2017)
Educators with Access 2,855 (up from 2,707 in January 2017)

Currently active school districts/access sites:

Columbia County:

Cambria-Friesland School District
Columbus School District
Fall River School District
Lodi School District
Pardeeville School District 
Portage School District
Poynette School District 
Rio School District 

Dane County:
Dane County Consortium (Youth Apprenticeship Programs)
Dane County Job Center
Deerfield School District
DeForest School District 
Madison Metropolitan School District
Madison College
Marshall School District
McFarland School District
Middleton School District
Mt. Horeb School District
Verona School District 
Waunakee School District 
Wisconsin Destinations Career Academy

Dodge County
Beaver Dam Unified School District
Dodgeland School District 
Horicon School District
Mayville School District
Moraine Park Technical College
Waupun School District 

Green County
Blackhawk Technical College 
Monroe School District
Juda School District
Monticello School District

Iowa County
Barneveld School District
Highland School District

Jefferson County
Cambridge School District
Jefferson County School to Work Consortium (Youth Apprenticeship)
Job Center of Jefferson County
Waterloo School District 
Watertown School District 

Sauk County
Baraboo School District
Reedsburg School District
River Valley High School
Sauk Prairie School District 
Become a Career Presenter
Inspire Madison Region is partnering with Students and Leaders Network, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to provide more access to excellent career-related resources through Inspire. SLN is dedicated to providing career information for students, educators, parents and the public. This is a completely free opportunity to expose students to real world professionals who talk about the risks, rewards and requirements of their career interests.

In 2015/16, 48,245 students participated in SLN programs. Since inception, over 148,000 have participated. 89% of school districts in Wisconsin have utilized SLN to assist students in expanding their horizons when deciding a career step.

Educators utilize SLN by signing up to view Live Presentations and/or Streaming an archived career presentation (over 245) from their website. Students also have free on demand access to archived presentations. If you, your organization and/or an industry group you are affiliated with are interested in being a presenter, please contact Tabitha at

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