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Theory U: 
A Process & Model For 
Inspirited and Contemplative Leadership 

Theory U 

Four Thursdays In AUGUST
August 8,15,22,29

2:00 PM EST  -  
11:00 AM Pacific

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Webinar Resources

Check-Out These Resources In Preparation For Our Conversations.

Community: The Structure of Belonging
by Peter Block

Theory U: Leading From The Future As It Emerges
by Otto Sharmer

This Thursday!

August 8th
Theory U:
A Process & Model For Inspirited & Contemplative Leadership

Theory U is one of the most powerful tools we know for individually and collectively listening to the future and bringing into reality as it desires.  As we learn to open our minds, hearts and wills to the emerging future we are able to then crystallize and prototype new ways of being and acting that creates real systematic change.  We will learn Theory U through experiencing it.   

Upcoming Conversations

August 15th
6 Breaths Process:
From Idea to Action to Movement to Change

Systematic change takes time and intention, but it can also be as simple as breathing.  The Six Breaths Process

is map for understanding how to move a good idea that may emerge from one person into a collective movement for systematic change. 




August 22nd

The Conversation Arts: 

Open Space, Conversation Caf� & World Caf�


Practitioners of change not only need adequate tools they need the wisdom to know which tool to use  This webinar will not only explore a variety of Conversation Arts, it will give practitioners a framework for discerning which tools would be most effective depending upon the context and situation for the conversation and the desired outcomes. 




August 29th
Harvesting and Debriefing Practices 

Harvesting is more than taking minutes or making notes during a meeting.  It is a creative process of collectively discerning, crystallizing and embodying the collective wisdom and consciousness dwelling within each person and within the relational field between us and then being able to share these insights and threads for co-learning and co-evolving.  This webinar will explore some of the tools, steps and practices of harvesting.  







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