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Attend the 10th Annual Integra Conference on February 14-16, 2017 in New Orleans, LA!  Highlights include:
  • 17 available classes - New sessions include "Integrated Data Flow," "Understanding Secure Document Exchange & HL7 Direct," "Fundamentals of DocuTrack Archiving," and "Building DocuTrack Reports for Operational Analytics."
  • 5 live C.E. credits.
  • Multi-product Technical Expert Panel. 
  • Interactive Keynote Presentation by team builder Sean Glaze.
  • Dinner Event at Mardi Gras World.
  • Private one-on-one meetings with Integra product specialists.
Early Bird Registration is $165 per person until November 1, 2016. After then, registration will be $195 per person.

The 2017 Conference is at the New Orleans Sheraton Hotel in the heart of The Big Easy, a convenient walk from the historic downtown area and nearby restaurants, clubs, and active nightlife of Bourbon Street.

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October 15-19
October 17-19, 2016
November 4-6, 2016
Dallas, TX

Integra Cloud Fax A2E
Thursday, August 11th
10:00am - 11:00am PST

At the 2017 Conference, we're focusing on "Moving Forward Together."  Teamwork can turn individual coworkers, colleagues, and companies into trusting partners as they work towards common goals. With today's market trends and challenges, collaboration is more important than ever for long-term success.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." 
~Henry Ford
Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Network with other pharmacy professionals and Integra product users. They may have ideas or business strategies you could benefit from.
  • Keynote Sean Glaze will equip you with tools to help develop team bonds, and connect and collaborate as a team. Take these ideas back to your pharmacy to strengthen your working relationships.
  • Attend the PrimeCare® or FrameWorkLTC® "Integrated Data Flow" course to better understand the end-to-end flow of data between systems.
  • Visit exhibiting vendors to learn about new technologies and services that further increase business efficiency and protect your bottom line. 

August Webinar Lineup - DocuTrack Workflow & What's New
August's webinars is part of a monthly webinar series, typically held on the second Thursday of the month.  Visit our website for a list of upcoming webinars.

Audience : Existing ICF customers or those interested in ICF and A2E
Instructor : TBD
Date : Thursday, August 11th
Time : 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. PST
Registration Link:    Click here

Customers using Integra Cloud Fax (ICF) can now easily provide their cloud benefits and fax network to the facilities they service using ICF A2E. This simple plug-and-play device extends any analog fax machine to the cloud. Inexpensive and easy to install, A2E retains your existing fax machines, fax-enabled devices, numbers, and IT infrastructure, while taking advantage of the reliability and security of cloud faxing.

Both parties benefit from guaranteed delivery and pharmacies gain reduced in-network pricing on all faxes. Facilities will get the benefits of cloud fax including no busy signal and cloud failover, plus a flat per month faxing fee, by simply plugging in the A2E device.

Learning Objectives :
  • Define what an A2E device is and how it integrates with Integra Cloud Fax.
  • List and differentiate the benefits of A2E for the pharmacy and the facility.
  • Identify how A2E can provide both business and operational benefits.
  • Understand the pricing and ownership models available with A2E devices.
Integra in the Industry: A Report from GeriMed and ASAP
Integra is dedicated to being a driving force in the long-term care market and keeping our products on the cutting edge of technology innovation. To accomplish these goals, Integra management is committed to helping educate pharmacy professionals who serve the long-term industry and participating in technology summits and meetings. By sharing their knowledge and learning from other industry leaders, Integra management can ensure the long-term success of our customers and products. Early June of this year saw Integra participating in two events: the Annual GeriMed Conference and the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) Midyear Conference.

GeriMed Overview
Invited to speak as an industry expert, Integra Product Director Louie Foster participated on a Healthcare Panel at the GeriMed Conference in Louisville, KY. Joined by Duke Yetter of Mobile MedSoft and Clare Petrotta of Synergy Medical, Foster participated in a conversation on "Technology in Long-Term Care."

Yetter began the technology discussion focusing on innovations and current trends from the point of care perspective and how this affects pharmacy operations. "I expanded on Duke's comments," said Foster, "by discussing manufacturing principles pharmacies can leverage by using content and delivery management tools to further reduce errors while increasing staff productivity."

"We also covered how modern pharmacy technologies offer a wealth of information that can't be found in a paper workflow." This information included pharmacy operation statistics, high volume times, and employee productivity can help a pharmacy use their resources, employees, and other technologies to their highest advantage.

"This panel was a great success. Attendees were able to hear about the benefits and use of technology from those who know it best, and we were able to open their eyes to the capabilities of technology; how it can improve overall operation while increasing patient safety," said Foster.

ASAP Report
Following the GeriMed conference, Foster joined representatives of other industry leaders at the American Society of Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) Midyear meeting. ASAP's mission is to foster understanding of the role that technology plays in assisting pharmacists to promote patient safety, comply with laws and regulations, and operate their practices more efficiently by providing a forum for sharing diverse knowledge and perspectives on modern practice of pharmacy. Along with representatives of other companies, Foster reviewed pharmacy market trends, discussed current, emerging, and future technologies, and overviewed upcoming market opportunities.

"Of particular interest was a session that showed an increase in the number of audits," said Foster. "Prescription Monitoring Programs (PMP) are also on the rise with many states now requiring pharmacies to query PMP. Seeing the rise of the number of audits and PMP data use regulations allows us to better align our products with these technologies and provide pharmacies with the tools they need to handle these new trends and regulations.

"Perhaps the most valuable session of the ASAP meeting was seeing the growing use of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) model. With healthcare moving to centralized patient records, it is going to be paramount for pharmacy software to transparently participate with these exchanges directly and even indirectly using technology such as Direct Secure Messaging."

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