Webinar Series Starting June 9th
The 2016 Integra Webinar series is kicking off on Thursday, June 9th at 10:00 a.m. PST with "DeliveryTrack for Android." Webinars will be held on the second Thursday of each month and will cover a variety of product and industry topics. 

DeliveryTrack for Android
Audience: Anyone interested in DeliveryTrack
Instructor: Kurt Johnson - Account Manager
Date: Thursday, June 9th
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. PST

Get a look at DeliveryTrack's purpose, how the various technologies interact, and how to choose the right Android devices.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the overall purpose and function of DeliveryTrack for Android
  • Learn how to gain efficiency from "Proof of Delivery" search options
  • Know the minimum hardware requirements and review the benefits of commercially available cell phones
  • Understand the importance of managing deliveries  


Webinars are an invaluable educational opportunity for training and education on product and industry topics. For some ideas on how to get the most out of your webinar experience, read our Webinar Tips & Tricks post here. 

Visit  integragroup.com/support/webinars for a full list of upcoming webinars, or subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on the latest news and webinar offerings. 

GeriMed Conference  - Booth #10
June 15-17, 2016
Louisville, KY

ASAP Midyear Conference
June 16-18, 2016
Louisville, KY

July 15-17, 2016
Savannah, GA
Thursday, June 9th 
10:00am - 11:00am PST

DocuTrack Workflow
Thursday, July 14th
10:00am - 11:00am PST

Integra: Leading and Learning
For all successful organizations, staying current on industry trends, and emerging technologies, is vital to long-term success. To ensure Integra remains on the leading edge of pharmacy technology, Integra management participates in multiple industry events throughout the year for continuing education and knowledge share.
In June, representatives from Integra will attend the Annual GeriMed Conference and the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) Midyear Conference. At GeriMed, Integra Product Director Louie Foster was invited to participate on a panel discussion titled "Technology in Long-Term Care" where he will speak on workflow management prior to fill, exception management - new standards HL7-DIRECT and HIPAA compliant messaging, and post fill workflow/delivery.
"We work hard as a company to ensure our products and people are kept abreast of industry trends," said Foster, "This panel provides an excellent format for discussing the emerging technologies we're seeing, and why they are so crucial for pharmacies to understand and embrace."
Following GeriMed, Foster will attend ASAP's Midyear Conference joining representatives from technology providers as they review market trends, discuss current and emerging pharmacy automation technologies, and overview upcoming market opportunities.

"ASAP is a think tank for companies invested in pharmacy technology," said Foster. "Networking with other pharmacy professionals provides invaluable insight to the Integra team. Information from meetings like ASAP helps shape the features and functionality of our products and ensure we are meeting the needs of our customer base."

Foster's attendance at ASAP Midyear follows up on the participation of Integra President Kevin Welch and National Sales Director Jim McDonald in ASAP's January meeting.

"The educational sessions are enlightening," said McDonald, "and the conference provides a good platform for pharmacy-related companies to stay up-to-date on issues in the healthcare automation market."

Integra Product Director, Ginna Sloan, also attended National Council for Prescription Drug Programs' (NCPDP) Annual Technology and Business Conference and Quarterly Work Group Meetings earlier this year. Sloan participates in NCPDP's Work Group 14 focused on Long-Term Care and Post-Acute Care and is a part of various task groups within Work Group 14 which serve to guide and advise payers, processors, and providers of the long-term care industry and institutional pharmacy programs on implementing standards and data processing initiatives. "Participation in these meetings is a tremendous opportunity to add to the collective knowledge base of Integra staff," said Sloan. 
Integra will provide an update on GeriMed and ASAP in late June. 

For a full list of upcoming events, visit www.integragroup.com/news/events.  

"Coopetition" for the Customers' Benefit
A recent article by Donalee Moulton titled "Innovative Partnerships" introduced a word that was new to us. The concept though, was one Integra has consistently been committed to.

Moulton states, "Today, we're looking at opportunities across whole markets and segments...Who might we partner with in a way that would benefit our customers, our own businesses, and the whole sector? In what ways might joining forces create a tide that raises all boats?"

She observes that we are seeing more and more competitors working together to achieve greater success for everyone. The new word? "Coopetition."

Integra is integrated with over 50 industry technologies including EHRs, forms providers, packaging solutions, pharmacy systems, hardware providers, dispensing solutions, and many other applications and services. We retain partnerships with group purchasing organizations, participate in NCPDP Work Groups, and invite competitive products to our Annual Conference when they benefit our shared customer base.

Being "coopetitive" (we believe that's how you would say it) doesn't come easy. It means putting your customers first, actively establishing innovative partnerships, and checking egos at the door. You must, as Moulton states, "Step outside your comfort zone." Integra isn't afraid to get awkward. So go ahead, bring on the coopetition.

For a link to the full article by Donalee Moulton, please visit the Pharmacy Business Website at digitalmedia.pharmacyu.ca/PB2016March/index.html#p=14.

Visit integragroup.com/about/partners to see some of Integra's Industry Partners.