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by Maia Kyi'Ra!   


Forever Love Blissings , I'm surfacing for a few moments from the deep sea of all-encompassing immigration matters and overseas moving activities to take a deep cosmic breath! While I'm up for air I'll share some of the unified perspectives flowing through from our higher-dimensional selves and illumined friends.


It is of course quite obvious to anyone observing what is going on in the world scene that there is a greatly heightened intensification of various polarities taking place right now. There are various scenarios all over the world that reflect this intensification. The recent USA Government showdown/shutdown seems to be taking center stage in this dynamic for the moment, at least for people in the USA. 


For many years the Metatronic Councils of Light have spoken to me regarding how there would be just such an intensification of polarities as we approached the planetary "crux point." They are now stating that our crux point lies within how we respond to what we are faced with individually and collectively between the recent September 2013 Equinox and the upcoming March 2014 Equinox.


There is a long wave pulse of energy emanating from galactic core that is assisting us through this passage until about mid-February 2014. This is a significant part of why polarities are intensifying right now. The energy of this enormously powerful long wave galactic energy pulse is such that it will amplify and reveal anything that has been hidden and lurking in the shadows.


This can be seen in the USA Government showdown/shutdown. The few with self-serving interests who are attempting to hijack the show for themselves and their cronies at the expense of everyone else have become so emboldened by their own power-hungry agendas that they are now revealing their own true natures to everyone. Yet, they themselves have not quite yet seen what they are actually revealing to the world.


When they do, it will be too late to cover it all back up, although that will not stop them from trying. The bottom line is that many of those who have not had enough awareness to see it all along will then know what these people are really all about and very few will remain in support of them.


The Metatronic Councils of Light state that it is vitally important that we not judge the intensification of polarities taking place or anyone involved in those scenarios, that this is all serving a higher purpose. We need to simply observe from a place of neutrality and engage from a place of loving balance in whatever way our inner voice guides us to.


It is this place of balance anchored within our deep center of love that will help stabilize these polarities so our planet does not self-destruct as we pass through this critical crux point period over the next several months to come.


On a personal level these polarity intensifications will present to us some unique opportunities to make a more complete shift into unbounded infinite love whereby this exquisite state can be experienced more sustainably.


Each of us will have these opportunities come to us in our own way. No one way is superior to another. Each of our unique ways put together comprise a significant portion of the planetary ascension hologram. HOW we engage these opportunities though, THAT is the GOLDEN KEY.


Will we engage them from a place of love and trust in the transformational process and our own higher Soul Intelligence? Or will we engage them from a place of fear which then causes us to try and control and manipulate reality to make it conform to what our mind thinks it ought to be? An age-old dynamic, yes. It is, however, being brought into a MUCH more prominent place upon our reality screen going forward from here. 


The other element to this passage is that we will also now be given many, many powerful opportunities to make CONSCIOUS choices to head into unknown territory versus having the universe initiate it all for us. When we are unconscious about how something is being initiated in our lives we then tend to feel somewhat the cosmic victim. It often feels like the universe is hitting us over the head with a cosmic 2x4 (wooden board) to get us moving and wake us up.


Well, the good news is that the universe has burned all its proverbial 2x4's in the cosmic fires of transformation and it is us and only us who must now rise to the occasion and make conscious choices to head into unknown territory to engage the life that is waiting for us in absolute trust. We are thus trading in the age-old dynamic of surrender for a much more empowering dynamic of consciousness engagement. 


What if we do not engage... will the universe not then provide what we perceive to be a little clunk on the head with a 2x4 as in the past? Nope, what will happen now is we will simply feel like we are dying inside, BIG TIME.  


Why? Because we will lose our vital energy force very quickly if we are not engaging the cosmic flow of our Soul's intent now. THAT is a MAJOR blessing and Gift of Divine Grace my beloved Family of Light.


Therefore, let this be your guide. If a feeling arises like you are dying inside, feeling lost, stagnant, purposeless, depressed etc... take this as a cosmic clue and seek to become aware of where there may be possible pathways of movement available to you that you have logically and/or fearfully rejected or avoided for one reason or another.


Often times we will reject these pathways when we cannot see exactly where they lead which then generates a fear. This is part of our innate survival mechanism which tends to avoid the unknown. This program must be updated. Willingness to consciously venture into the unknown is what will guarantee our survival in the days to come!


To make this work requires developing the ability to listen very closely to what your Soul is communicating to you through your body resonances. I call this Core Energy Resonance (CER). If you are closely attuned to your CER you can for example have your mind going through all sorts of gyrations about heading into the unknown and yet feel solid as a rock in your body and being about it. The mind sooner or later calms down and goes along for the ride if you hold fast to that deeper anchor in your CER.


I have experienced this one quite frequently of late with my immigration and move to the UK to be with my lovely soul mate and wife, Karen Ani'Ra. I'm completely dismantling my life in the USA on every level and I do not even have a visa to move to the UK yet! Despite much time, effort and money put in the direction of obtaining a visa I also have no guarantee the UK Border Agency will grant me one!


My CER is very solid though, so it is not a problem there. My mind, however, is dancing circles trying to figure out how it will all work. That is only one small part of this shift in my life though, and when I put all the unknowns in this equation together it becomes quite a significant set of factors to be dealt with. My inner survival instinct is literally beaming "danger, danger" at times... all because of the unknowns.


Yet, I feel the correctness of this in every cell of my body on a deeper level. My CER is like the person holding the string tethering the high flying kite, and the kite is like the mind dipping and zipping about that anchor. I happen to have a very acrobatic kite right now too!


Regardless of what you are faced with, the same underlying dynamic is going to be present. The polarities of the situation will be highly intensified and you will be called upon to make a conscious choice to head into the unknown in some way based on the solidity of what you feel in your CER in your body.


As you anchor into the solidity which will accompany heading into the correct path of the unknown for you, the long wave galactic energy pulse surging through our reality for the next several months will then carry you right along with its immense wave of power. It will help you reach a more sustainable experience of the beauty of your Soul within the unknown you have consciously chosen.


It's a novel concept isn't it... consciously choosing the unknown?


My new Soul Genesis Matrix Sessions have been nothing short of phenomenal for helping people get more attuned with their Soul Reality and CER too. The transmission offered in these sessions is truly awesome.


Here is what one recent client had to say after their Soul Genesis Matrix Session:


...To date I have had physical sensations, like the warming of my heart centre, more light coming through to my crown chakra, feeling happy, when I get a uncomfortable feeling at work I recognize the dreadful feeling and it passes within 30 seconds.


It's like-oh that uncomfortable feeling, as soon as I acknowledge that feeling it goes,I do not have to do anything else but have a smile on my face, too easy!


I can now choose to get off this treadmill that I was on to keep healing oneself and go to a space of unconditional love and start actually doing creative things that I love to do. This also frees me up financially as well. There are so many levels to your Soul Genesis matrix that has a really positive flow on effect.


Thank you for sharing your experience and making it easy for everyone and accessible to the average person. Love the fact that this information is for our western society, that your Soul Genesis Matrix makes sense, like I said and I mean it -- BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT.


I have a road map to refer to self and the recorded session to go back to listen to, whenever I want. A REALLY BIG THANK YOU! ~ Daniela, Australia


Read more info on my new Soul Genesis Matrix Sessions below!



click image, go online click image again for large version - my gift!

Soul Genesis Matrix

Your Hologram of Soul Intent, Purpose & Function


, this project has been a very long time in the making... it goes all the way back to 2006 actually! I personally have had very profound results with this Soul Circuitry and consciousness encoding work over time as have a lot of my clients.


This work is primarily about understanding your Soul's intent and purpose in consciousness and your human self's basic energy configurations as the Soul's vehicle within the world of form on Earth. In other words, what the Soul is actually doing here and how it intends for things to work, that is important stuff!


The Soul Genesis Matrix is a new frequency and form which builds upon this previous work by injecting some additional very expansive 7D awareness into the equation! That is in addition to the 7+ years worth of experience I now have doing this work with self and others.


Earlier this month, amidst all my busyness in preparing for my wedding with Karen (photos and video), a long-awaited 7D download started coming through on what the Metatronic Councils of Light are now referring to as the Soul's Genesis Matrix.


This transmission opened some HUGE doorways of awareness to me which led to a massive integration. This integration involved myriads of previous snippets of things that I had become aware of over time by assembling them into a very expansive hologram!


From this new transmission and awareness I have now established the basis for being able to create a Soul Genesis Matrix Crystal Template for you, and also I can do a new transmission session based upon this template. You can also just get your Soul Genesis Matrix Crystal Template without a session if you wish.


Just meditating with your own Crystal Template is powerful, higher soul awareness literally streams from it! As I create these I am working with your Soul and the Metatronic Councils of Light to encode your Soul's Genesis Matrix hologram into the template. This amplifies your ability to directly access and be informed consciously by your Soul.


There is also more to come with this download I received, it is not complete by any means. Yet, what I have now is what needs to be integrated and understood first, then I know the rest will be forthcoming.


To read more about all of this and view samples of mine and Karen's Soul Genesis Matrix Crystal Templates, and even order one of your own... CLICK HERE!


P.S. this new Soul Genesis Matrix work is also related to the upcoming Pure Inscription of Light program! 



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