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State HazMat Transportation Regulations
There aren't any.  At least not any that apply to a shipper of a hazardous material.  There are some state regulations that apply to carriers of a HazMat (licensing, permits, etc.) but a shipper need only concern themselves with the Federal regulations of the USDOT found in Title 49 of the CFR, Parts 171-185.
United States
Driver Training
A person who transports any amount of a hazardous material in commerce is a HazMat Employee and must have this training.  In addition, HazMat Drivers must also be trained on safe driving skills and other requirements of 49 CFR 390-397 ( more...).  This webinar does not include driver training.    Contact me for options to meet your HazMat Driver training requirements. 
  Follow this link to learn the who, what, where, and when, for the training, and to register if you're ready!
Examples of Hazardous Materials
Paints, resins, adhesives, cleaners, de-greasers, household products, hazardous wastes, solvents, aerosols, fireworks, l ithium cells & batteries, auto batteries, mercury-containing devices, acids, bases, metal powders, pesticides & herbicides, inks, flavor concentrates, petroleum products, fuels, PCBs, asbestos, generators, welding gases...
Hazardous Waste v. Hazardous Materials
The USEPA defines a hazardous waste and requires   training for Hazardous Waste Personnel depending on the amount of hazardous waste a facility generates.
The USDOT defines a hazardous material (HazMat) to include a hazardous waste, and a lot more.  USDOT training is required for all HazMat Employees regardless of the amount of hazardous material the facility ships or receives.
Training and the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest
The RCRA Manifest is a document required by both the USEPA and the USDOT.  Therefore, a person who signs the Manifest may need Hazardous Waste Personnel training, depending on their hazardous generator status, but they must have HazMat Employee training.   More...
What is Required Before Training?
The USDOT allows for 90 days after new employment or job responsibility to train a HazMat Employee as long as the untrained person is directly supervised by trained and knowledgeable personnel in that time.
Follow this link to learn the who, what, where, and when, for the training, and to register if you're ready!
Other Training Services:
Onsite Training - I bring the training to your site.
Self-Guided Training - I'll provide you with the tools to conduct your own training.
Do you need this web-based training?
The US Department of Transportation and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration think so. 
Dear EHS Professional,
You may have several questions about the applicability of these regulations to your company.  If you're reading this, then it is likely that you and your company are subject to the regulations of USDOT for the transportation of hazardous materials (HazMat).   As such you, and perhaps several others at your company, must receive training of a type and at a frequency mandated by the regulations .

The purpose of this document is to answer your questions and to assist you in complying with these Federal regulations.
Why a webinar?
I'll be the first to admit that there are limitations on the quality of the training you can provide via the internet.  However, it remains the best option available for those who lack the time and budget to travel to a Training Seminar and/or don't have enough employees to justify Onsite Training.

thoughtful-junkmail.jpg And this isn't your parent's webinar!  First of all: it's live, with an instructor (me) who will answer your questions and review complex information.  Trainees have several methods to communicate with me before, during, and after the webinar, and are encouraged to do so; questions are always welcome and answered.

You just click on the link I provide, follow the instructions, and you're experiencing the webinar, both audio and video.
W hat is a hazardous material?
A hazardous material (HazMat) is anything the USDOT has determined poses an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce. It includes the following:
  • A material whose technical name is listed in the hazardous materials table, e.g. Acetone or Hydrochloric acid.
  • A material that meets the definition of a hazard class or division:
    • Class 1 Explosive
    • Class 2 Compressed gases
    • Class 3 Flammable and combustible liquids
    • Class 4 Flammable and reactive solids
    • Class 5 Oxidizers and organic peroxides
    • Class 6 Poisons and infectious substances
    • Class 7 Radioactive
    • Class 8 Corrosive
    • Class 9 Miscellaneous
  • A hazardous substance, e.g. 1 lb of Sodium nitrate.
  • A hazardous waste.
  • A marine pollutant, e.g. copper metal powder.
  • An elevated temperature material, e.g. Sulfur, molten.

All of the above (and more!) will be addressed during this HazMat Employee Training Webinar.

Close up Answering Question with Placard
Why Daniels Training Services?
What separates me from other training providers is that I understand the needs of business and don't spend time explaining things that won't help you to do your job.  My training is intensive, we cover a lot of information in 3 hours, but I enjoy what I do, and I believe that comes across in the training.  No one has ever complained of my Training Webinars being boring!  It has been my pleasure to bring new information and regulatory compliance to hundreds of people, and I hope I can do the same for you.

Check out these testimonials from past attendees of my Webinar Training.
And just for fun, check out my list of the 11 questions you should ask your HazMat Employee training provider and the answers you should expect.
What is a HazMat Employee?
As defined by the USDOT, a HazMat Employee is any person whose job has a direct effect on the safe transportation of a hazardous material. HazMat Employee job duties include:
  • The loading and unloading of hazardous materials by Shipping and Receiving personnel.
  • The bulk transfer of a HazMat between tank truck or rail car and a storage tank.
  • The preparation of a HazMat for transportation, including pre-transportation functions:
    • Classifying the hazardous material.
    • Selecting, filling, and closing the HazMat packaging.
    • Applying labels and markings to the HazMat package.
    • Preparing shipping papers, e.g. preparing, reviewing, or signing the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest.
    • Providing emergency response information to the carrier.
  • The entire process of researching, purchasing, and reviewing new materials for use within a company as feed stock or a raw material.
  • The supervision of a HazMat Employee who performs any of the above.

This HazMat Employee training webinar will address the regulatory requirements of everyone involved in the transportation of a hazardous material.


HazMat Employee job duties also include:

  • The design, testing, marking, certification, manufacturing, re-conditioning, etc. of a HazMat packaging.
  • The operation of a motor vehicle over a public roadway transporting any quantity of a hazardous material.

The training requirements for the above job duties are not covered entirely by this webinar.  Contact me and we can make arrangements to provide this training in another format.

Advantages to a webinar:
  • Convenient - scheduled for business day mornings.
  • Inexpensive - only $189/person.
  • Frequent - one HazMat Employee Webinar every month.
  • Short - three hours and we're done!
  • Compliant - fulfills the requirements for HazMat Employee training at 49 CFR 172, Subpart H.
  • Easy - easy to register, easy to pay, easy to attend, easy to complete the necessary recordkeeping and easy to get your certificate.
  • Portable - anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Low Tech - no software to download, no stringent technical requirements, it's a webinar for EHS Professionals, not IT.
  • Documented - I'll provide you with the form to document the training and a certificate of completion when it's all over.
Exceptional RCRA Training
What training is required for HazMat Employees?
Those that employ HazMat Employees (aka. a HazMat Employer) must provide initial training (within 90 days) and full training at least once every three years (triennial) thereafter. Training content must include the following:
  • General Awareness/Familiarization
  • Function Specific Responsibilities
  • Safety/Emergency Response
  • Security General Awareness
  • In-Depth Security Training (if applicable).
  • Driver Training (if applicable)
The regulations require that HazMat Employees be tested to demonstrate their knowledge of the regulations as part of the training.
Their is no training or certification requirement for the trainer.  This places a heavier burden of responsibility on the HazMat Employer as it is they, and not the trainer, that must ensure the training and testing is adequate. So, make certain that whomever you choose for your HazMat Employee trainer, knows the Hazardous Materials Regulations and how to present them.


My HazMat Employee training webinar meets - and exceeds - all of these training requirements.

Will I receive a certificate from a Daniels Training Services webinar?
Yes you will.   This webinar meets the USDOT requirements at 49 CFR 172, Subpart H for both initial and triennial (every three years) training  and testing for HazMat Employees.  The certificate of completion you are issued at the conclusion of the webinar documents this.

As required by 49 CFR 172.702(d), this HazMat Employee training webinar includes a test.

At the beginning of the webinar I assist you with completing the training record form I created to meet the specific requirements of 49 CFR 172.704(d).  Upon completion of the HazMat Employee training webinar I will email to you a certificate of completion including your name and the date the training took place.
Even if you aren't interested in my HazMat Employee Training Webinar at this time, please don't h lounging-laptop-man.jpgesitate to contact me with any questions about the regulations for the transportation of hazardous materials or any of my other training options.


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