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Internally Grateful -

Inspiration for

the Self-empowered

by June Blunk


Frustration has a message. 

                       Volume 76                  

Dear Friend and Advocate for Self-empowerment,

We all get frustrated. It is a part of life as we all know. However, we can use our frustration to develop and grow.

This is perhaps something that you may have not fully considered, but I suggest that you try and view your frustrations as sacred messages. Any frustration, no matter how big or small, is a call for your attention and some form of healing.

It doesn't matter as to the hows and/or whys of our frustration. Ultimately, our frustration is a message to change our perspective to a loving one. It is a rather unpleasant yet sacred message. It is a message that we need to change if we would like to end our suffering. 

The power of change is so awesome! Our minds will surly give us many reasons to continue on with our conditioned and/or fearful responses, but it doesn't matter. There is a much better way to respond. Love finds a way. It finds a new perspective, a renewed and fresh approach.

One of the main problems is that we are easily misled by our mind's stories, half-truths and flat out lies. The problem is that we believe in the very thing that is causing our own misery, our frustration and needless suffering. We need to believe in something better, something that helps us feel good and peaceful, loving and happy.

You have the power to shift and change how you view life in every event and circumstance that arises. You have the power to be at peace with all the people in your life as well.

You may not fully agree, however, if you start taking the time to view your frustrations as sacred messages, you will fully agree that you can truly be at peace with many things that are seemingly creating frustrations for you each day.

When your frustrations arise, ask yourself the following simple questions:

    What is the sacred message in my frustration?
    What should I shift to change my mind and feel love instead?

You will be surprised at times by what you will learn and eventually find it easy to move away from many of your frustrations. Keep working at it every day and your results will multiply.

With Love and Gratitude, 



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