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Internally Grateful 

Inspiration for

the Self-empowered

by June Blunk


Love Conquers All


         Volume 74                

Dear Advocate for Self-empowerment,

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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
All of you have heard the expression, love conquers all. I bet many of you, if not all of you, understand this firsthand as well.

You are among the fortunate ones. Not in a lucky kind of way, but in an empowered and grateful way. You choose to rise above adversity and take the high road. Even when other people fail to appreciate you and your good will, you act out of love. Why? Because you are wise and you know that love conquers all.

Yes, you may not always be in the midst of those that have the same point of view, however, you hold fast on to what makes you a better person. You should feel good about your understanding of life and what matters most. It isn't necessarily easy to do what is best when situations, events and people put you to the test, and they will as you know.

Sometimes it takes great courage to let go of other people's beliefs and our own and move from a place of love. Fear, uhh, a formidable enemy for sure, yet you try and move beyond it and do what makes you uncomfortable because you know deep inside that love conquers all.

I admire your strength and willingness to heal, your courage and fortitude. Take notice of  what you have created for yourself because you have given love its proper place.

Every chance you get, keep making more room for love as you can never have too much. You can never give too much either. You are blessed and a blessing to those lives you impact with your loving point of view. I am honored to be sharing my message with you.

With Love and Gratitude, 



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