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by June Blunk


You gotta have faith!    

         Volume 75                 

Dear Advocate for Self-empowerment,

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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
No worry has ever added more beauty to life. No stress or anxiety has ever assured a solution. No fear has ever guaranteed a better outcome.

At some point in time, we began to believe that we could think our problems away. We began to judge life and expect it to be a certain way. We thought that it would be best to try and control life, to force life to unfold in a specific way. We set about to be a problem solver, a fixer, a controller of life. We thought it best to defend ourselves and protect ourselves from undesirable results.

When forcing, fixing, controlling, worrying, stressing, defending, protecting, and judging failed to help us as we expected, we lost some of our faith. Each time this happened, we lost a bit more. Over time, we lost a lot more of our faith.

Then we tried to exert even more force, even more control and the outcome didn't change. We exhausted ourselves and fought tirelessly, and still our problems remained unchanged. 

Our faith diminished and our problems remained. This is the irony, the unfortunate side of the story. What we really needed diminished. What would truly help us faded. What would bring us peace and love in abundance was swapped for more of the same.

Faith is what saves us, what pushes us forward. Faith gives us hope and brings beauty to life. Faith assures us that a solution will come and that a better outcome is on its way. Faith is the cure, what empowered soulwe ultimately need and crave.

My dear friend take some time to carefully think this one over. Faith can grow and expand. There is most assuredly a better way. Today is the perfect day to let go of your stress, fear and anxiety, and to stop defending, controlling, forcing, fixing and judging. Today is the perfect day to have faith that you can, that you will, and that all will somehow be okay or even better. See life in a different light, the light of faith. 

With Love and Gratitude, 



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