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Just Be Happy

Volume 25 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


It is time to just be happy! Let happiness take you over.  


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Just Be Happy
Action for the week:


Are the words easier said than done going through your head? Depending on the day, it certainly could be true. Right?


Wrong. Happiness is a state that comes from within. It is something that you keep yourself from experiencing. Your thinking keeps it at bay. The day does not determine if you are happy, you do. 


Misconceptions about happiness:


- Events and specific situations cause us to be happy.


- People make us happy.


- Achievements allow us to be happy.


- Attaining perfection or a goal will enable us to be happy.


- Material possessions and money create happiness.


Very often, the reality is that we let happiness come forth when we deem that it is appropriate. We actually withhold it from ourselves. We have rules in our head that dictate when we can be happy. We do it consciously and unconsciously. On some level, we suppress our own happiness.


It took me a while to fully understand this but I finally did. It is an important concept to understand. I suggest that you spend some time thinking about this and make changes accordingly.


On a side note, there are times in our lives that will be difficult and our feelings should be honored. I am not suggesting that we deny ourselves from processing what we need to process. I am asking you to take a look at how you keep yourself from happiness when it is totally unnecessary to do so.


When you are unhappy this week ask yourself the questions below: 


What rule is in place of my own making that is keeping me from being happy?


Why am I withholding happiness from myself?


Why should I be happy? How will I benefit from it?


What perspective should I shift toward to allow happiness to rise from within?


Be opened minded and nonjudgmental when you answer these questions. If you are, you will soon know that you can just be happy.  


Thought for the week:

 Golden Wings


Loving yourself is the fast-track

to happiness.   



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