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In This Issue: A New View

Volume 45 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Are your opinions creating disharmony? How are they impacting you and your reality? Something to think about this week to help you create a new view and more space for peace. 


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
A New View
Action for the week:
Opinions, everyone has them. People often embrace their opinions with vigor and pride. However, as you well know, people often embrace what is harmful and not helpful out of habit and conditioning. Frequently, people do not realize how their opinions can actually be a negative, weighty proposition on many levels.
Often people feel that their personal view and perspective is what matters most.
This is true and should be used to a person's advantage. Therefore, the questions to carefully consider for those seeking empowerment are... 
1) Do their opinions help them or hurt them?
2) Would a new view elevate their thoughts?
Bottom line, feeling better is the preferred route. Right? Thinking poorly of people, places and things hardly does anyone any good. Right?  Don't you know at least 3 people who are always giving their opinions about what makes them unhappy, what makes them angry and dissatisfied? What does their opinion ultimately reflect about them? What kind of mental state rises when they are giving their opinion?
Now, here are some things for YOU to think about...
When an opinion surfaces in your mind, how do you feel?
If you feel good, no worries. If you feel otherwise, you are in need of some self-discovery and awareness building. You are seeking empowerment and holding on to negativity is not part of the process.
More for YOU to think about...
If your opinion is accompanied by negativity, what is your opinion creating for you?
If bad, angry, defensive thoughts accompany your opinion, aren't you lowering your mental state to hold on to an idea or concept that is hurting you? Is this of any benefit to your well-being?
It does not matter if you are harboring an opinion about a political party or the tone of voice that your boss uses with you...harboring negativity is not a good idea. A negative opinion is a defense mechanism, a fear, an expression of dissatisfaction, a judgment and/or a longing for control.
You see, your negative opinions are telling you something about your internal state. They are telling you where you are focusing too much energy. Energy that is precious and should not be wasted in such a powerless way. Think again about those people that you know who are always clinging to what angers them and makes them unhappy...don't let yourself do the same.
This week take a closer look at the opinions you keep that cause negativity to rise within you. Ask yourself if holding on to your opinion is worth making you feel bad. Ask yourself if this opinion is making any positive difference in your life, or if you are just clinging to a belief that really serves no useful purpose. Ask yourself what new view you could take on to be empowered.
Empowered people know that opinions, the negative ones, have no true value in life other than being harmful. Ultimately, they let them go, move into acceptance and feel a grander sense of peace.
What opinions are you going to let go of so you can
create a new view, feel better and be empowered? 
Thoughts for the week: Transformation by June Blunk
If I can accept what is and move from there,
I will live a more productive and full life.

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