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A change will do you good!       

      Volume 67         


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Happy 2013! I am making some changes for the new year. I hope you are too.       


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
A change will do you good!       


Action for the week:  

Very often in life we don't make changes because we think it is not possible.
Actually, this is rarely true. We think we can't change, or we don't see the options before us to enact change, simply because we are focused on what we cannot do.

Our focus is a microcosm of reality that can limit us if we fail to realize we can look at life differently; we can change our circumstances, our feelings, actions and thoughts. Changing is often not as difficult as we think it is either. Will and determination combined with patience allow us to change.

Get out some paper and a pen. Write down what you are not happy with, what you would like to change. Don't be afraid to go BIG, fear going too small.

We tend to think too little of ourselves and this creates some of our misery, or perhaps all of it. Study what you wrote throughout the week. Allow yourself to come up with some ideas that will help you create the change you are looking for within your life. If you are not happy, you need to change what is happening in some way, shape or form. Be open to the solutions and act on them.

Yes, act on them. One day at a time do something that will help you enact the change you are desiring to create. Take a step, just a little one. You have the time and energy to do it. Write down what you really want to change today, find your solutions and act on them. Expand your focus to what is possible.

Thoughts for the week:


I can change. I will take steps each day to create the change I truly want for myself. I deserve a good life!


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June Blunk

Artist, Writer, Speaker and Advocate for Self-empowerment


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