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Acceptance as a Way of Life

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Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


More on acceptance this week. Try out the simple suggestions below. You will get good results if you do.  


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Acceptance as a Way of Life
Action for the week:


Per last week's newsletter, strategies for maintaining total acceptance is the subject of the newsletter this week.


I am sure that you understand the connection between acceptance and peace. If we are not able to accept what life presents to us, including all aspects of ourselves, we will not experience peace.


Self-empowered people come from a place of love and understanding. That is your ultimate goal. I do not advocate accepting destructive and harmful behaviors. In those cases acceptance would be counterproductive. Be mindful of this and do not compromise yourself. With this in mind, take the time required to make choices and take actions that benefit your well-being. Use this as your guide to help you sort out any confusion that you may experience regarding acceptance.


Focusing on acceptance will help you achieve peace. When you feel resistance bubbling up inside of you, ask yourself why. Then ask what new perspective you could shift toward that would help you accept whatever it is that you are resisting.


Acceptance is exercising your ability to go with the flow of life. Sometimes it is effortless and sometimes it is very difficult. We often think that we have something to prove and that if we accept what is happening, we are being weak. In those moments, we are typically acting out of habit and conditioned behaviors. In essence, a belief that no longer serves us may be motivating us. Step back and examine your resistance, "the thinking" that is motivating your resistance. If it is not of value, think differently. Think as an empowered person does with love and understanding.


Move away from judgment and criticism. This is always a good idea. If you are judging and criticizing, you will be blocked from experiencing love and understanding. There are like oil and water. 


Let go of fears that may be affecting your thinking so that you can see your resistance more clearly. This will enable you to make a superior choice. Fear warps our thinking and perceptions. It should not guide our actions unless there is a lion in the room. 


Be in the moment. When we do this, little if anything will make us uncomfortable. Try to be in the moment a little bit each day. Increase the time as you are able. It is like building up a muscle. If you work it, it will grow. The more you work it, the more it will grow.


Love yourself as you are today! If you do this, you will live an amazing life! This is at the core of self-empowerment.



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Thoughts for the week:



What do you have to lose if you exercise

your ability to accept life as it is?


- Misery, fear, judgment, negativity and the likes.


What will you gain?


- Peace, love, happiness, joy, wisdom and the likes.    


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