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Acceptance vs. the Unfightable

Volume 31 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


No longer fight the unfightable--accept what is and know peace.   


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Acceptance vs. the Unfightable
Action for the week:


I have a special challenge for you this week. Select one day of the week to be Your Day of Total AcceptancePick a day that will be less challenging than others. In other words, make it easier on yourself so that you will be successful. 


On this amazing day, you will accept whatever comes your way. You will redirect your energy toward acceptance all day long. You will be in control of your reactions and be at peace with your surroundings. You will shift to a loving perspective and find solutions to any issues that come about throughout your day. Drama, fear, conditioned habits, misery and the likes will not determine your fate on this day. 


Unfortunately, we spend a good portion of our days fighting the unfightable. I liken it to picking a fight with the sun. Of course, we wouldn't pick a fight with the sun because it makes no sense. We can't fight the sun. It would be foolish to say the least. Pointless and insane for sure.


While you fully understand the pointless nature in this particular case and refrain from the fight, what you need to fully understand is how you justify fighting the unfightable in lieu of experiencing peace in many other instances--a mighty big price to pay for something that ultimately hurts you in the end. 


On this chosen day, notice when...

  • You fight people, places and things that are not worthy of your time.
  • You fight what is beyond your control.
  • You fight situations and circumstances that don't go as you had hoped for and planned.
  • You fight your own senseless, self-created dilemma that can be likened to a fight with the sun.

An empowered perspective plays by different rules. Fighting the unfightable, fighting what is pointless and/or beyond our control, is not part of the game. Engaging in foolish behavior that creates suffering is something to be overcome and shifted to love.


Sure you have been foolish and so have I. We all have fought and suffered as a result. That is not a good reason to keep doing what you have been doing. It is a good reason to change.


Once you complete Your Day of Total Acceptance, do it again, and again, and again. Eventually try and make it a daily occurrence. If you mess up, that is perfectly okay. Start all over again. If you work at it diligently, you will be successful to some degree. You may even be successful to a great degree.  

If you must fight, fight for peace! 


Next week, strategies for maintaining total acceptance.

 empowered soul





Thought for the week:



Peace is total acceptance.    



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