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In This Issue: Authenticity

Volume 39 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Keeping in line with last week, developing a self-portrait,

I would like you to deepen your learning about you. When we

live life from a place of authenticity, peace prevails.


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Action for the week:  
Allow authenticity to lead you. Let truth and genuineness be your guiding force.
Much of our distress is the result of our own self-betrayal and self-denial.
Very often, people do what others expect of them. They choose and take actions based on other people. Frequently it is done out of obligation or to avoid a confrontation. Sometimes it is done to make other people happy, to please them.
This is a self-destructive habit that can start very early in life, and it can repeat itself endlessly over the years. It is a habit that should be broken. Living life based in self-denial and self-betrayal is draining. It breeds resentment and anger among other negative feelings.
Sometimes we are so disconnected from what really matters to us that we do not even realize that we are hurting ourselves. The red flag is our unhappiness, our anger and our frustration. It can weigh heavily on us, or nag away at us in the back of our minds.
I think that you know exactly what I am writing about. You most likely have denied the truth and have regretted doing so. The feeling of regret is the one that you should pay attention to and take note of as it rises from within. The anger that surfaces as you engage in activity that seems to drain you has a message as well.
This week pay attention to your moments of discontentment. Ask yourself if you are moving from a place of authenticity. Ask if truth is leading you. Ask if you are doing what is best, or if you are denying your true feelings. 
Next, ask what action you should take to move from a place of authenticity. Perhaps a simple adjustment to your actions will bring you peace. Perhaps admitting the truth may dispel your frustration. You may even find that you can do what you want to do and be at peace.
 heart painting
Ironically, the by-product of all this will be
that you will become more loving and giving,
more than ever before. This I know firsthand.
Thought for the week:
Make peace with yourself and
move with love and authenticity.

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