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Clarity Verses Confusion

Volume 36 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Clarity is what we all want. Here are some suggestions

to help you end your confusion.   


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Clarity Verses Confusion
Action for the week:
Clarity fuels our movement. When we feel confident, know which way to go, life feels much more peaceful. Our emotional state is greatly influenced by our ability to discern what actions and choices we should take.
We all have moments of confusion. We also have experienced moments of clarity. Of course, clarity is preferred. Often we know which way to go and move effortlessly when this is the case.
Sometimes we are stuck and can't see the preferred route. We are entangled in drama and self-doubt. We fail to trust and wrongly judge ourselves. This furthers our confusion and keeps clarity out of reach. A struggles ensues instead of peace.
Get out your journal and a pen.
- What issue has been causing confusion for you?
- What struggle is before you that you would like to end?
Write down your answers to the above questions.
Clear your mind. Don't think. Be honest and don't judge what comes to mind...just write. Trust yourself. Let the answers flow from within.
Next, with the intention of helping yourself and taking the loving route, ask yourself the following questions:
What do I need to understand about this issue?
What new perspective should I embrace to feel more confident about my course of action and the choices I should make?
What do I need to do to end my confusion and move toward clarity?
What do I need to let go of to end my confusion?
Write down what comes to mind. Relax, you have the answer inside you.
You are seeking clarity and it will come.
  Golden Wings

Thoughts for the week:



I have inner wisdom within

that can be known.

Ask and it will be shown.


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